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Old 27.03.2015, 05:48   #1
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Bug Staggering FPS drops in boss combat, glitched boss frames
I just updated ShestakUI today to the newest release and not another addon was updated today. Every time I enter boss combat the boss frames tend to glitch out and I get INCREDIBLE FPS drops. My game always runs 60+fps even in Raid Combat, I have an i7 4790k and a Geforce GTX 770.

On boss fights with multiple boss frames, the problem is even worse. For instance on Brackenspore when a mushroom spawns and it adds another boss frame, the FPS drops get worse.

ShestakUI version:
5.0.6 for 6.1

WoW version:
6.1.2 (19802) (Release x64)

Installed and running addons:
Vuhdo, Gnosis, Skada, Hermes, Bartender, Weak Auras 2

Screenshot(if that matters for error):

Lua error code(if that matters for error):
How to reproduce error:
Enter Boss Combat with Boss Frames
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Old 28.03.2015, 14:34   #2
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I have pushed a update to GitHUb.
There was some missing changes in the layout after fixing auras taint problem.

I will try to test it in LFR later and confirm that it's working.
If not i will revert back the changes with /fstack tains.

When done checking this, i will ask Shestak to push out a new version on curse and wowinterface.

Posted in 57 minute
Just tested in LFR and looks fine now.
Try downloading latest github version, and see if fixed for you also.

Posted in 20 hours 55 minute
Pushing this as fixed. Done LFR without any issue with latest GitHub version.
I will update toc later and have Shestak push a new version out.
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Shestak (27.03.2015)
Old 28.03.2015, 20:49   #3
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Yep, it is all fixed!

Thanks for the amazing support!
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Tryllemann (28.03.2015)

boss frame, fps drop

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