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Old 16.03.2015, 01:03   #1
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Bug Arena Queue Skinning

Hey -

Just a heads up -- the popup to queue for an arena match is back to default UI skinning:

The popup to enter an arena match, however, works fine:

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Shestak (26.03.2015)
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Old 27.03.2015, 16:03   #2
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Yea, i know about this. It's the same for Raid finder.
The Dungeons & Raids have gotten some big updates since it was skinned.
Gona take some work to reskin everything. There is also a few files like LFR.lua that can be deleted.

I will start looking into this, but will take some time.

Posted in 19 hours 23 minutes
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Shestak (26.03.2015)


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