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Mouse Overs (Mouse buttons not working) w/frames

I am using a logitech g700 mouse and have been for 3 + years. I figured out mouseover macros. If you have time see that thread.

When I click the displayed raid frames (from this UI) only my non-mouse button keybinds work.. 1 = chainheal mouse button 4 = greater heal.

When I click the provided frames from this UI the keyboard keybinds work great. I touch that frame and click the macro. WORKS. But the mouse button ones are only working when I mouseover the actual player. What am I doing wrond? When I click the frame & mouse button 4 nothing happens. Only when I touch the player.

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Mousebutton 4 does not work with the frames. No mouse buttons are working on frame. It only works with the actual player. Is my general problem. Only keyboard buttons are working.
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