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Skada/Healing/DBM NEW to this type of UI

I've been playing since 2007 using mostly addons from curse (DBM, Healbot/Continued and 1-2 others) Curse has automatically installed them for me.

I LOVE this look/layout. But it is new to me. To heal using this total UI solusion I am assuming I am going to have to use mouse-over macros? Is there a good thread or location to learn to do this? I have several unique accounts I use. But my primary is a resto shaman (Fenris/US). I am used to clicking healbot bars.

When I use curse to install SKADA, Recount & DBM it puts them in the default location and it is not working with this UI. I did not see an existing Shestak addon folder. Do I just make one?

I want to learn about .lua. I assume I need to? Since 2007 I have always been learning. This is not a problem. But can anyone recommend any good threads or forums to learn about this?

Installation of DBM/Skada/Recount (Yes I want both Skada/Recount)
Effective Healing using this UI
Learning about .lua.

I did not see a "setup guide or FAQ". I could not find any setup videos on youtube. This UI does so much and there are so many threads. Possibly I am using the wrong keywords. There was also an option when I first loaded it up do I want to heal, tank or dps. Can I easily change back and forth from these options?

I'd happily make a donation to the site or pay someone $20-30 through paypal for 20 minutes of time if you felt personal advice through vent would be beneficial as well. I do not perceive myself as an idiot. This is all new to me. I apologize if these questions have been addressed a million times.

Posted in 3 minutes
Somehow Skada is now working for me. I used curse to install it though. Did I do that incorrectly? Can I adjust the size of the skada box? It does not seem like I can? Typically I grab the end of it to resize.
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