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Class Color and other questions

Hello guys, meanwhile congratulations to shestak for the fine work

I have some questions that I can not answer after reading the code and found no answers

1) Can I use the addon class colors (by Phanx) and if it works well both player/target that Raid frame, without any interference with the code (I would not want to risk that during the progres raid begin to come out errors, wiping raid and kicked out ..).
I can't find in the code a section to change the default class color.

2) it' possible change the raid frame to have class color on 'hp deficit' and a grey color on hp? with some alpha on full hp like FreeUi (i found an old similar question using search function but i don't understand very well the answer)?

3)Last and less's possible to change the border texture used all aroung with someone less 'boxy' ? i mean a border like this

thank you.

P.S: i'm sorry for my poor english...

Posted in 1 hour 13 minute
i found this

lua Code [Select]:
if(IsAddOnLoaded'!ClassColors' and CUSTOM_CLASS_COLORS) then
    local updateColors = function()
        for eclass, color in next, CUSTOM_CLASS_COLORS do
            colors.class[eclass] = {color.r, color.g, color.b}

        for _, obj in next, oUF.objects do

I only noticed now that the Phanx addon called 'class color' but the folder is called instead '!ClassColors', suppose to be loaded as the first addon than the other.

so although I am ignorant on the whole I think it should work without errors and interference problems.

it only remains to understand the answer to other questions, unfortunately I'm at work and I come home just before the raid why I almost never get to try new things and I try to understand them before interpreting the code ....

I also saw that I did not need Clique because there is a script integrated ..
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some questions

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