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Few questions about UI

thanks for great UI, just started to using it. I have few questions about few things .

1. How to change font size? I would like to make informations displayed on the bottom left side little bigger.

2. How to make stance bar permanently visible, only found option in /cfg to hide it.

3. Can't move bags, its locked, how to change their position?


Posted in 91 hour 55 minute
Solved problem nr 1

And I understand i have to change bags position in ShestakUI\Config\Positions
there is ["bag"] = {"BOTTOMRIGHT", Minimap, "TOPRIGHT", 2, 5}, -- Bag
I dunno how to work with it

Posted in 25 minute
One more problem, I wanted to add new font

so in settings under blank, pixel and normal i typed
["anon_font"] = [[Interface\AddOns\ShestakUI\Media\Fonts\Anon.ttf]],

but when I change font in \ShestakUI\Config\Fonts to ["stats_font"] =,

I got ingame error LitePanel Font Invaild
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first of all I don't recommend changing the stock files which will be overwrote after you updating them (unless you use git to merge the updates and self modifies)
most settings could be done in WTF/Account/123456789/SavedVariables/ShestakUI_Config.lua, ShestakUI.lua(or in WTF/Account/123456789/$Servername/$CharacterName/SavedVariables/ShestakUI_Config.lua, ShestakUI.lua if you set settings for per characters)

for example, adding these to the ShestakUI_Config.lua so the UI will be using custom fonts like pixel.ttf and ARIALN.ttf located in WOW/Fonts
lua Code [Select]:
["font"] = {
        ["stats_font"] = "Fonts\\pixel.ttf",
        ["action_bars_font"] = "Fonts\\Zpix.ttf",
        ["cooldown_timers_font"] = "Fonts\\pixel.ttf",
        ["threat_meter_font"] = "Fonts\\Zpix.ttf",
        ["auras_font"] = "Fonts\\pixel.ttf",
        ["chat_font"] = "Fonts\\ARIALN.ttf",
        ["chat_tabs_font"] = "Fonts\\pixel.ttf",
        ["stylization_font"] = "Fonts\\Zpix.ttf",
        ["nameplates_font"] = "Fonts\\Zpix.ttf",
        ["filger_font"] = "Fonts\\pixel.ttf",
        ["loot_font"] = "Fonts\\Zpix.ttf",
        ["combat_text_font"] = "Fonts\\Zpix.ttf",
        ["unit_frames_font"] = "Fonts\\Zpix.ttf",
        ["bags_font"] = "Fonts\\pixel.ttf",
        ["raid_cooldowns_font"] = "Fonts\\Zpix.ttf",

2.stance bar could be set in-game "Action Bars/Stance bar on mouseover" or in ShestakUI_Config.lua
lua Code [Select]:
["actionbar"] = {
        ["stancebar_mouseover"] = false,

1.the font size could be set in "ShestakUI/Config/Fonts.lua" and it'd be "stats_font" in your case
not sure if there's a way to modify them in ShestakUI_Config.lua

3.not sure

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