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Old 13.11.2014, 20:18   #1
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Bug wod live: mid-screen spell alerts/quest updates seem missing

ShestakUI version:

WoW version:
Eu 13 Nov 2014, warlords of draenor, full expansion build

Installed and running addons:
Shestak, clique, gtfo, skada, angry assignments , coolline, dbm. Note: shestak filter cd list is intentionally empty for my main char due to showing roofline in its place... in case that could cause issues.

Screenshot(if that matters for error):
sorry cant show any effect as it is missing

Lua error code(if that matters for error):
Will have to check if there is a lua error...

How to reproduce error:
Hope you are all busy leveling but if not....

its a persistent issue, not intermittent. Normally, when progressing quests, there is a pop up message in the middle of the screen that keeps a running count of updates e.g. if quest asks to kill 10 monkeys, each time you kill one, you will see a pop up message on screen that tells you whether this kill contributes to the quest and how far you've come e.g. 'Kill 10 monkeys 3/10'.

In the current shestak and wow client build, these screen update messages are missing. Is it a new/different option which I am not aware of or am I looking some other add-on conflict? Is anyone else getting the same issue?

I will do some more isolation testing to see if its still there when turning off some or all addons but shestak (and post an update), but can already confirm the issue is not present when running default blizzard UK. Cheers.
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Old 14.11.2014, 11:23   #2
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You're talking about this?
Old 14.11.2014, 18:04   #3
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Yes exactly that.
Did some more testing. It seems to only be missing on one char. Maybe it's another addon or that char's settings, not Shestak UI. Am in the middle of resetting the UI completely for that char (then got stuck near garrison on a flightpath so can't do any more right now).

spell alert

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