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Post General information, description, questions and answers

  • Setup - In-game options(/cfg) or in the file ShestakUI\Config\Settings.lua.
  • Screen resolution - All resolutions above 1280 pixels horizontally.
  • Screen mode - Full screen.

  • Main
  • Optional

Addons List

Slash commands
  • Main commands
  • Settings commands
  • Addons commands
  • Additional commands

F.A.Q. and description of interface elements

Additional information
  • Official download links
  • Authors modules
  • Translation
  • Thanks for the help and ideas
  • List of changes for all versions
  • Screenshots

Update: 08.10.2020
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Wetxius (28.09.2013)
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Raid Frames: Default settings
  • Raid interface is specified during installation: Damager (in the form of strips, the left screen), Healer (bottom of the screen, in the form of rectangles), Blizzard (standard game interface). Change interface can be when you move the mouse on at right of the minimap.
  • Only for layout Healer: Display healer's buffs (HoTs, shields, protection, etc.) and raid debuffs (from the list is quite extensive, including flags / areas for PvP), you can display PvP-control (by editing the file).
  • Like other raid interfaces (if you hilili through the Grid, you'll understand).
  • Raid tags / readiness check / icons raid leader and master looter.
  • If you have installed third-party raid frames (HealBot, Grid, VuhDo), then the frames in the assembly are disabled.

Raid Frames: FAQ

Update: 03.08.2014
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Other: Default settings
  • ...
  • ...
  • ...

Other: FAQ

Update: 06.07.2010

addons list, change log, credits, description, faq, installation, screenshots, slash commands

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