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Post ShestakUI for Warlords of Draenor

ShestakUI 5.0.0

Date: xx.09.2014
UI Version: 5.0.x
WoW Version: 6.0.x
Change Log: link
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gilinho (13.09.2014), Oz (13.09.2014)
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Hello wonderful Shestak community!

I am a raid leader in a top raiding guild and have been using ShestakUI this entire expansion. I can say without a doubt the flexibility and functionality of Shestak has played its part in us earning US 1st tier finishes for 10M.

Here is my UI: http://i.imgur.com/mRtGyb9.jpg

I'm really excited for Warlords of Draenor, as my entire guild has been raid testing on the beta. I am making this post to inquire about the status of ShestakUI Beta and eventually a build for 6.0. Sorry if this has been addressed somewhere else but I have checked all the forums and haven't found a discussion about ShestakUI for WoD.

I honestly think the expansion is coming a lot sooner than people think, there are only about 25 Raid Testing Bosses left to do and they are doing about 6 bosses a week or more. Judging on the Cinematic reveal a week from Thursday (in comparison to the MoP cinematic reveal), I think we are looking at a late September release date.

What's the status on work on this amazing UI? Is there anything I can do to help?
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At the moment, none of the authors UI have access to beta. Blizzard sent out keys mainly players with an active account.
Development begins at least at the stage PTR where access is for everyone.
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I have a beta key for the lead developer, we could possibly work something out so it's beneficial for both of us!
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If I'm not mistaken, the key can only be used once.
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I would absolutely love Shestak for WoD, would make raid testing so much more comfortable for me.

Use an edited elvUI (which I don't like the look of at all.) http://puu.sh/aJAwW/d4beeac7fc.jpg

Miss my old ShestakUI so much ;_;
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I meant I have an extra key, Wetxius. I promise I'm not a newb

My guild has an extra key or two because of how seriously we raid.

I was just offering to help! Tired of waiting for a Shestak update!
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If you have an extra key, you can send it in a private message. I will try to download the WoD, and proceed to the correction of errors that would be clearly a leisurely affair, if you look at other authors addon.
Thanks in advance.
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Gotten into WOD? Would be nice with a upcomming beta version of Shestak to test out

beta, warlords of draenor

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