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Question Target portrait and Dot/hot conflict

Hi Shestak,

Here's a screenshot of my interface :

There is conflict between target portrait and dot/hot timer on target. How can I move dot/hot frame ?

Thx for your help
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The same thing is happening to me.
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Yes, it should be. When we discussed the location of the portraits, we decided to place them where they are now. And refer to the fact that the users themselves to move it.
With a screen resolution of 1280 horizontal they simply have nowhere to place.

Posted in 3 minutes
If I make an anchor bars Filger to portraits, but not to the edge of the frame goals, then we, the users of 1280 * 800 and 1280 * 1024 will be nowhere to place the bars Filger.

Posted in 3 minutes
Filger\settings.lua, look for lines:
Code [Select]:
setPoint = { ... },
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thx Shestak it works properly for hot and dot.

I change code as follow :
Code [Select]:
setPoint = { "BOTTOMLEFT", "oUF_Target", "BOTTOMRIGHT", 91, -41 },
91px instead of 9px for a 75px wide portrait.

Thx for help
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Shestak (08.07.2010)

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