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Old 12.11.2013, 09:45   #1
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How can ClickCast acts only to RaidFrames

Hi Shestak and Wetxius!
Excuse me! How can ClickCast effect only to PartyMemberFrame ?
I try deleted some Frame names("PlayerFrame", "TargetFrame" ......) in ..\Interface\AddOns\ShestakUI\Modules\Misc\ClickCast.lua,
But its to no avail.

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Or, How can ClickCast don't effect to PlayerFrame and TargetFrame?
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Old 13.11.2013, 17:26   #2
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This is Blizzard frames. For custom frames (as our raid/party frame) used different way.
Do not know exactly. The code is not mine.

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Ok, find solution:
Change this line on
lua Code [Select]:
if v ~= "oUF_Target" and v ~= "oUF_Player" then DB.frames[frame] = DB.frames[frame] or true end
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Shestak (13.11.2013)
Old 13.11.2013, 18:29   #3
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I went to try this change, it's okay.
Thanks for your help! Thank you!


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