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Old 20.10.2013, 22:40   #1
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Bug Raid Cds not showing reliably (mostly own)

ShestakUI version:

WoW version:
5.4.0 (17399) (release x64)

Installed and running addons:
DBM, Clique, GTFO Ensidia fails, Skada for the most part

Screenshot(if that matters for error):
All Raid Cooldown settings in Shestak UI are active. AT 2:07, you can see the other healers' CDs show up e.g. Ieronumos 'Ancestral Guidance', but my 'Divine Hymn' (Ente) which was cast at teh same time doesn't. AT ~2:56, you see Olivia's Divine Hymn show up in the CD tracker. Ente's still down't show although it is still on cooldown.

Lua error code(if that matters for error):
no lua error

How to reproduce error:
Most of the time, own raid cds are not showing in the shestak CD list.
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Old 21.10.2013, 07:48   #2
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Everything right. Now we just show the other players cd, but not their own.

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This changes. Show only other player's cd
Old 27.10.2013, 16:13   #3
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Thanks for the reply. Any way to add the own Cds back in as a option?
Old 27.10.2013, 16:37   #4
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Nope, I don't see any reason for it. RaidCD must display other players cd, not our. For our cds there is Filger and action bar.
Old 05.11.2013, 17:06   #5
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Respectfully disagree. There were more changes to how the raid debuffs are displayed I think. The feature is basically useless for me now which is a pity. In the heat of a boss fight, glancing at the raid cooldowns does no longer allow me to spot quickly whose CD is up, even if the information (except my own CD) is still displayed in some other way. It just doesn't work for me.

If I could just revert how they are displayed (order, countdown and including my own Cds) to how they worked for years before that change, I would appreciate it.

Else I'll need to load Ora3 or Blood Legion Cooldowns

Posted in 6 minute
Also respectfully... whether your UI is a success depends on how users perceive it. The fact that you don't see a reason for acknowledging a user's issue with a change that was made should not prevent you from simply copying/pasting the existing old code into the forum thread so I can include it manually in the .lua. It's not much effort , is it?
Old 05.11.2013, 17:09   #6
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The old version of the file.
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File Type: lua RaidCD.lua (6.4 KB, 31 views Who downloaded?)
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Shestak (19.11.2013)
Old 05.11.2013, 17:41   #7
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You don't like new sort system and remove self cd? What about auto reset cd after fight?
Old 19.11.2013, 12:55   #8
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Thanks a lot for the old lua version. Much appreciated indeed.

Posted in 1 hour 2 minutes
Reset Cd after fight is great. Would love to have both .. old layout (incl. my own CD) but new reset feature, but that might be too much custom coding.
Old 19.11.2013, 19:04   #9
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Tonight I'll add two options:
Disable/enable self cd
Bar sorting

Posted in 5 hours 33 minutes
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Puree (19.11.2013)

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