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Old 25.05.2013, 19:33   #1
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Bug Show castbar name

Installed and running addons: ShestakUI

Screenshot(if that matters for error):

The "Show castbar name" option (nameplates) doesn't hide the spell name from default UI added in 5.3. And it sometimes displays incorrect spells (like spells from mobs I was fighting before, or spells that I am casting myself).

Posted in 43 hours 3 minutes
I've looked everywhere and there is no way to disable the default UI's spell announce for nameplates. Am I missing something?
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Wetxius (25.05.2013)
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Shestak (25.05.2013)
Old 25.05.2013, 22:22   #3
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That fixes the font issue, but spells are still glitchy. It shows the correct spell but when you cast a spell on yourself, the spell name changes to that spell. Here is an example.

Before casting Flash Heal on myself:

After casting Flash Heal on myself:
Old 26.05.2013, 15:33   #4
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I can not promise anything, I do not understand why there is this bug.
On defaults Blizzard and FreеUI, that I test, has not this failure.

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Seems like the poroblem in lines:

Try this fix.
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Oz (26.05.2013), Shestak (26.05.2013)


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