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Question Nameplates incompatible with healers have to die


I use another addon called Healers have to die, which up until recently worked fine. Now there's an issue with nameplate hooking. I'm not sure what that is but the other author said it was on the nameplate's side, and they would have to fix it on their end.

Absolutely love your UI but as a PvP player the other addon is very useful!

Hopefully you understand what the other author means by name plate hooking, and is there any way to fix this issue?

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Why you used this addon if already built a similar function?
["healer_icon"] = false, -- Show icon above enemy healers nameplate in battlegrounds

If earlier it was all right, and now all of a sudden there were any conflicts, why is this issue of our add-on? Nameplates didn't changed for a long time.
Also, read this Our nameplate don't very different from those.
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The in game one didn't work for me for awhile so I changed and I guess I didn't think to check newer versions, lol.

I'm not sure why or what any of it means I don't know anything about coding addons I was just a messenger because that's what it popped up saying

Thanks for the reply.
Old 17.04.2013, 12:51   #4
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Check this update.
HHTD should work now.

healers have to die

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