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Post ShestakUI 4.3.5 for 5.2

ShestakUI 4.3.5

Date: 12.04.2013
UI Version: 4.3.5
WoW Version: 5.2.0
Change Log: link
Say Thank:
Oz (12.04.2013)
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4.3.3 ===> 4.3.4
  • Added
    more spells
  • Added "Mantid" to SolveArtifact.
  • Fixed CharacterFrame skin.
  • Fixed minimap error.
  • Fixed soulshards count for warlock.
  • Fixed error in SlotItemLevel.
  • Fixed MapBarFrame font.
  • Fixed DungeonTabs.
  • Some changes in PvPFrame skin.
  • Implemented new announcement for Feasts.
  • No place in new PvPFrame for honorable kills toolip.
  • Changed Taste for Blood id.
  • Some cleanup, changes and fixes for 5.2 patch.
Old 12.04.2013, 02:58   #3
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4.3.4 ===> 4.3.5
  • Fixed "Taste for Blood" ID everywhere.
  • Added "Mind Flay (Insanity)" to ChannelingTicks.
  • Changed cd for "Will of the Forsaken".
  • Added "Blingtron 4000" announce.
  • Added "Blessed Torch" to Auto Button.
  • Fixed blocked UnitSetRole.
  • Added "Biting Cold" to Filger and Raid Debuffs.
  • Minor ruRU update.
  • Fixed compatibility with Aurora.
  • Changed header position in Pet Journal.
  • Fixed solve artifact for Pandaria's races.
  • Fixed double icon in Filger.
  • Cleanup. BossEncounter2 has gone.
  • Updated drinking spell id for MoP.
  • Better way to auto collapse Watchframe.
  • Deleted some non-existing spells from BuffOnScroll.lua.
  • itIT updated.
  • Added "Subterfuge" to Filger.
  • Temporary commented some line to fix tapped color bug.
  • Added some new PvP debuffs.
  • Deleted Lockbox from NeedLoot list.
  • Fixed double battle resurrection announce.
  • Added "Rebirth (Symbiosis)" announce.
  • Make Player Arrow under quest button on Map.
  • Added Tier 2 CD for Monk to Filger.
  • Added Neck subcategory to Bad gear announce.
  • Fixed descriptions.
  • Improved tooltip tapped detection.
  • Added caster name in "announce from all".
  • Implemented check for symbiosis disease dispel.
  • Added "Hand of Purity" on target to Filger.
  • Some kind of magic.
  • Changed tapped color.
  • Added "Static Burst" to Raid Debuff.
  • Added "Blade Flurry" to CT.
  • Added "Intimidating Roar (Symbiosis)"
  • Added "Burden of Guilt" on player to Filger.
  • Fixed HealPrediction on first login.
  • Added "Saur Fetish" to AutoButton.
  • Clarified some id spells.
  • Added "Talon Rake" to Raid Debuffs.
  • Removed unnecessary events in SelfBuffReminder.lua.
  • Fixed DebuffHighlight to show magic dispel on login.
  • Extra check if enabled announce from all.
  • Prevent blocked errors while move ExtraActionBar in combat.
  • Slightly changed view of locked instance.
  • Added MyRolePlay skin.
  • Added "Disable" and "Grapple Weapon" to Filger.
  • Cleanup. Added two warlock debuffs to Filger.
  • Some changes in Profiles.lua
  • Fixed SayThanks announce.
  • Added Resonance Siphon to AutoButton.
  • Another fix for SetRole.
  • Fixed Ace3 skin.
  • Option for Loss of Control is now active, but disabled by default.
  • Updated FogOfWar.
  • Attempted to guess Lei Shen's alt power bar texture name.
  • Changed FrameStrata for GroupLoot.
  • Fixed BlackMarket skin error.
  • Fixed PvPFrame skin.
  • Updated AltPowerBar.
  • Some changes for Archaeology.
  • Changed tab name for MyRolePlay on default.
  • Updated RaidAuraWatch.
  • Updated AutoButton.
  • Fixed display of Rare Elite on target frame.
  • Minor update for English locale.
  • Increase range to find tooltip line.
  • Updated SlotItemLevel.
  • Removed non-existent CVar.
  • Updated Tags.lua.
  • Some cleanup, changes and fixes.

Almost all of the updates have been made by Wetxius. Many thanks to him for that.

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