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Lightbulb Can these be implemented

Hello there friends :)

I've been adding some buffs & debuffs into filger which i think would be useful for others aswell. These buffs & debuffs include:

Mogu'shan Vaults:
- Wildfire Spark (Feng the Accursed)

Heart of Fear:

- Unseen Strike (Blade Lord Ta'yak) Tested
- Pungency (Garalon(pheromones stacks)) Tested
- Impaling Spear (Wind Lord Mel'jarak) Tested
- Kor'thik Strike (Wind Lord Mel'jarak) Not Tested
- Destabilize (Amber-Shaper Un'sok) Not Tested
- Fixate (Grand Empress Shek'zeer) Tested
- Heart of Fear (Grand Empress Shek'zeer) Not Tested
- Visions of Demise (Grand Empress Shek'zeer) Not Tested

Terrace of Endless Springs

- Corrupted Essence (protectors of the Endless) Not Tested
- Scary Fog (Lei shi) Not Tested
- Fearless (Sha of Fear) Tested

I havent got the oppotunity ro test all of them yet, but most of them work.

The code for this can be found at this Link

I hope this will be of use to you guys :)
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