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Question Feature Request


First of all thanks for a great and simple to work with UI, which I've been enjoying for more or less 2 years now ... if not more

Anyways to the case, I would like to request a way or method to filter out Crap loot or some help adding a filter like that to the existing UI, I've been playing around with Easyloot (gives bugs and causes the achievement frame to lag) and SmartLoot which works but still in early development.

Would this be possible to Add? if not could you point me in some sort of direction on how to add a filter of my own?

Anyhow thanks a lot for any help, time or effort, I am very pleased with the UI as i said its just a small annoyance with the loot and my own laziness

Best Regards
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Originally Posted by Blitzed View Post
Would this be possible to Add?
No, it will not be added.

Originally Posted by Blitzed View Post
if not could you point me in some sort of direction on how to add a filter of my own?
It's not easy to do without the knowledge lua. Try to search addons on WoWI/Curse with "loot" key word. Maybe you'll get lucky.
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Try to search... cargBags_Nivaya - simple and still works.

PS If you also have the problem that the blizzard bags are opening behind cb_nivaya, simply change your bag keybind from "open all bags" to "open backpack".
PPS Enjoy
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Shestak (31.01.2013)
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Thanks for the feedback, both of you

For my question regarding a loot-filter i found that broker_garbage did what i wanted so that problem is solved.

@ Mopda :. I've actually always used bagnon since the feature of being available to view my bank whether i was at the bank and the bank's of my alts has been a helpful addition, only thing I've ever really missed was the skinning so it fitted to the shestakUI looks.

Again tho thanks for the answers and have a fine weekend


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