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How to change color of the Runes?

Hi Shestak,

I'm a DK and new user of your UI, it's really great and I like it so much, however the color of Runes are not easier to distiguish, how can I change the color to make them easier monitoring with highlighted colors? thanks in advance

by the way, the UI sets as auto scaled, unfortunate the fonts within icons are too small and hard to recognize the digits (screen is 1600x900), how can I make them bigger?
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oUF_Shestak\oUF_Main.lua(~32+ line):
Code [Select]:
runes = setmetatable({
	[1] = {0.69, 0.31, 0.31},
	[2] = {0.33, 0.59, 0.33},
	[3] = {0.31, 0.45, 0.63},
	[4] = {0.84, 0.75, 0.65},
Change at your desire.
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Many thanks for your quick response Best wishes

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