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Question Shestak Mark helper


I've used this tool before, and it worked like shift + left click, after that I could move my cursor down, and select the mark.

I haven't used it for a while now, and I don't know if it's an intended change or not: now I push shift + left click, and the menu instantly despawn, however if I shift+leftclick, but move my cursor it does work.

However shift+leftclick is by default a camera moving function(so I can turn my camera with cursor)

In short: it was working before, now the menu despawns instantly after I release shift or mousebutton.
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Hello. Find in ShestakUI/Modules/Blizzard/ShiftMark.lua(~33 line):
lua Code [Select]:
EasyMenu(menuList, menuFrame, "cursor", 0, 0, "MENU")
and change to
lua Code [Select]:
EasyMenu(menuList, menuFrame, "cursor", 0, 0, "MENU", nil)
This is one single change in three months.

From WoWWiki:
lua Code [Select]:
EasyMenu(menuList, menuFrame, anchor, x, y, displayMode, autoHideDelay)
Table - an array of tables describing the entries in the menu to be created. The descriptions may use any key-value tables used in a UIDropDownMenu info table; as a bare minimum, each option should specify the "text" key.

Frame - a Frame object that will be used to store some information about the menu.

String/Region - Specify what to anchor the menu relative to: either "cursor", a region name, or a region (frame) reference.

Number - x offset from the anchor.

Number - y offset from the anchor.

String - "MENU" enables a tooltip-styled context menu, any other value the dropdown style.

Number - Automatically hide the menu after this many seconds.
If not nil or not value, apply value by default.
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I've changed the values, it still doesn't work, but I gues that's a wow problem not your addon.

Thanks for your time & help

marker, shestakui

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