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Old 07.12.2012, 19:31   #1
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Bug RaidCD

ShestakUI version:
4.2.7 (commit: 284d55dda3)

WoW version:
Live Patch 5.1.0 (16309)

Installed and running addons:
ShestakUI, ShestakUI_Config, ShestakUI_Filger

Screenshot(if that matters for error):

Lua error code(if that matters for error):
Code [Select]:
...erface\AddOns\ShestakUI\Modules\Cooldowns\RaidCD.lua:140: attempt to perform arithmetic on field '?' (a nil value)
How to reproduce error:
Typing "/raidcd"
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Shestak (07.12.2012)
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Old 08.12.2012, 00:59   #2
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Oz (08.12.2012)

/raidcd, raidcd

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