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Question Enemy health accuracy

Hello everybody,

i've been searching through the code to find a way to have the health beyond commas but i couldn't find it...

To be clear, i'd like to have the current health of the boss like this :

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In ShestakUI\Core\Function.lua(~574 line) find:
lua Code [Select]:
health.value:SetFormattedText("|cffffffff%d%% - %s|r", floor(min / max * 100), T.ShortValue(min))
and change to
lua Code [Select]:
health.value:SetFormattedText("|cffffffff%0.2f%% - %s|r", min / max * 100, T.ShortValue(min))
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m2jest1c (21.11.2012)
Old 14.03.2013, 13:06   #3
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Hey, I couldn't find another thread on this.

I would like my unit frames to display total target health/mana without the short forms (1.2M -> 1234567, for example). I was looking in Functions.lua and saw the ShortValue function but I'm pretty new to editing lua. Please help.
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Originally Posted by Ardonyx View Post
my unit frames
You mean only your Player health|mana value?
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I was looking to have exact health values for my target frames (mostly for bosses) but then wanted everything to be consistent. For a while, I was just having problems with decimals appearing in odd places. I have now found a solution I am happy with by completely commenting out the contents of the ShortValue function in Core/Functions.lua with the exception of 'return value'.

healthbar accuracy boss

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