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Old 06.08.2017, 16:40   #1
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Bug Rematch Skin

ShestakUI version:

WoW version:

Installed and running addons:
ACP, AngryKeystones, Auctionator, BattlePetBreedID, Clique, CollectMe, DBM
Details, EasyMail, GTFO, Leatrix_Plus, NomiCakes, Pawn, RCLootCouncil, Rematch, TinyInspect, TomTom, Weakaura

Screenshot(if that matters for error):

Lua error code(if that matters for error):
Code [Select]:
Message: Interface\AddOns\ShestakUI\Modules\Skins\Rematch.lua:257: attempt to index field 'Leveling' (a nil value)
Time: 08/06/17 16:37:38
Count: 1
Stack: Interface\AddOns\ShestakUI\Modules\Skins\Rematch.lua:257: attempt to index field 'Leveling' (a nil value)Interface\SharedXML\SharedBasicControls.lua:204: in function <Interface\SharedXML\SharedBasicControls.lua:203>
[C]: ?
Interface\AddOns\ShestakUI\Modules\Skins\Rematch.lua:257: in function `func'
Interface\AddOns\ShestakUI\Modules\Skins\Rematch.lua:702: in function <Interface\AddOns\ShestakUI\Modules\Skins\Rematch.lua:700>

Locals: errorMessage = "Interface\AddOns\ShestakUI\Modules\Skins\Rematch.lua:257: attempt to index field 'Leveling' (a nil value)"
DisplayMessageInternal = <function> defined @Interface\SharedXML\SharedBasicControls.lua:187
How to reproduce error:
After selecting the skin option for Rematch in ShestakUI, just simple reload the UI and this error occurs each time on reload
Say Thank:
Wetxius (06.08.2017)
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Old 08.08.2017, 17:17   #2
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I'll fix it in a couple of days.

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Abaeus (08.08.2017), Lanseb (07.08.2017), Shestak (07.08.2017)
Old 12.08.2017, 12:29   #3
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Originally Posted by Wetxius View Post
I'll fix it in a couple of days.

Добавлено через 47 часов 12 минут
All fixed, thanks

Posted in 76 hours 45 minute
Minor issue but rematch does not show some info since the skin fix.

error, rematch, skin

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