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Old 18.01.2020, 14:40   #1
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Post ShestakUI 7.2.6 for 8.3.0

ShestakUI 7.2.6

Date: 19.05.2020
UI Version: 7.2.6
WoW Version: 8.3.0
Change Log: link
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Old 18.01.2020, 14:42   #2
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7.2.2 ===> 7.2.3
  • Discord:
  • Added "Focused Azerite Beam [Azerite Essence]".
  • Fixed equip for durability datatext.
  • Tweak candyBarLabel position.
  • Tweak followerReward position.
  • Added search filter for "boe" in bags.
  • Improved faction wrap.
  • Set texture to hide circle.
  • Prepare skin to 8.3.
  • Added WarModeBonusFrame skin.
  • Hide weapon slot texture.
  • Fixed GameMenuFrame title.
  • Added icon for corrupted items.
  • Fixed skins for 8.3.
  • Removed ProductChoice skin.
  • Added "Cleanse Toxins" cd.
  • Hide background for UIWidgetTemplateScenarioHeaderCurrenciesAndBackground.
  • Fixed border color for OrderHallTalentFrame.
  • Some cleanup, changes and fixes.
Old 24.02.2020, 16:27   #3
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7.2.3 ===> 7.2.4
  • Discord:
  • Added "Null Barrier [Azerite trait]" aoe spam.
  • Added "Mallet of Thunderous Skins".
  • Added check when client is nil.
  • Fixed T.CustomFilterBoss error when disabled nameplates.
  • Fixed loot alert border.
  • Fixed width for boss auras.
  • Added skin for new Auction frame.
  • Fixed scale BigWigs skin for nameplates.
  • Adjusted color for AltPowerBar.
  • Added some new aoe spam spells.
  • Fixed QuantityInput.InputBox.
  • Optimize UnitIsPlayer(unit).
  • Added filter for "Stand Your Ground".
  • Added missing skins for Communities.
  • Added new mythic+ debuffs .
  • Some cleanup, changes and fixes.
Old 29.03.2020, 13:12   #4
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7.2.4 ===> 7.2.5
  • Discord:
  • Added "Unstable Temporal Time Shifter" cooldown.
  • Added proc "Ashjra'kamas, Shroud of Resolve".
  • Removed "Heartstopper Venom" debuff.
  • Added skin for BigWigs LFG timer.
  • Fixed Swing position when disabled castbar.
  • Adjusted position for Alt power bar.
  • Added "Blingtron 7000 Gift Package" for OpenItems.
  • Fixed chat filters.
  • Enable by default Boss Banner Loot Frame.
  • Fixed Swing bar when first parry.
  • Fixed Filger position when enabled swing or portrait.
  • Added "Twilight Devastation" aoespam.
  • Added "Necrotic Wound" for Filger.
  • Added "Bag of Anchors" for OpenItems.
  • Added skin for InvitationFrame.
  • High priority for "Severing Axe".
  • Allow click to open Azerite essence frame.
  • Enable ProfessionTabs when loaded "TradeSkillMaster".
  • Added category reset options instead of all reset.
  • Changed count size for ExtraActionButton.
  • Added skin for RaiderIO dropdown.
  • Fixed Details spam merge.
  • Added 8.3 currencies.
  • Added "Gift of the Titans" proc.
  • Fixed AltPowerBar position.
  • Added skin for RaiderIO_ProfileTooltip.
  • Fixed UIWidget tooltip.
  • Fixed charge cooldown.
  • Use gray border for researched talent.
  • Tweak portraits and left bars positions.
  • Added skin for PremadeGroupsFilter.
  • Added new options for chat: "Icons for loot", "Enable custom timestamp coloring".
  • Added "Disrupt" cd.
  • Tweak WowheadLink code.
  • Added new option "Addons icons on mouseover".
  • Added new option "Debuffs size".
  • Removed option "Profession Tokens".
  • Added new options for enemy cooldowns: "Show in party zone for allies" and "Enable classcolor border".
  • Added locked check for AutoOpens to reduce spam.
  • Added new debuffs for Ny'alotha.
  • Updated FogOfWar.
  • Fixed Communities skin.
  • Added new cache to open.
  • Fixed ICD logic.
  • Show search title after OnEditFocusLost.
  • Tweak WeakAuras skin.
  • Added dynamic position depending of icon's size.
  • Added "Glimmer of Light" debuff.
  • Added "Cache of the Aqir Swarm" for open.
  • Prevent rare error when search bag item.
  • Removed Old achievements filter.
  • Updated Chinese and Taiwan locales.
  • Added "Echoes of Ny'alotha".
  • Added some scrollbars skin.
  • Some cleanup, changes and fixes.
Old 19.05.2020, 19:07   #5
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7.2.5 ===> 7.2.6
  • Update French.lua
  • Fixed RaidCD not working cause wrong var name.
  • Added "Cache of the Amathet" for open.
  • Fixed PremadeGroupsFilter skin.
  • Added proper color for CopyChat and fixed last letter in line.
  • Fixed error when disabled icon combat text.
  • Workaround with actionbar taint.
  • Added ItemInteraction skin.
  • Disable BattlefieldMap when run EnhanceBattlefieldMinimap.
  • Fixed error in Rematch skin.
  • Use ShortValue in Battleground tooltip.
  • Added "Steel Strongbox" for open.
  • Sort Death Knight's runes by expiration.
  • Tweak name width for RaidDPS.
  • Fixed TotemBar duration for Shaman.
  • Show item level in inspect frame.
  • Added some PvP debuffs in Raid frames.
  • Added disable color for AddonList checkboxes.
  • Added skin for PvP rewards.
  • Added scale adjust for high resolution.
  • Fixed debuff position for windwalker monk.
  • Removed label for neutral zones.
  • Added support for CorruptionTooltips bag icons.
  • Tweak position for UIWidgetBelowAnchor.
  • Hide ObjectiveTrackerBlocksFrame.UIWidgetsHeader.Background.
  • Better way for quest border color.
  • Added color border for PvP rewards.
  • Don't hide editbox with text.
  • Return check click cast option.
  • Added check Heirloom for AlreadyKnown and fixed for new Auction.
  • Attempt to fix bug when last member in BG not active for clickcast.
  • Added "Phase icon" for unitframes. Enabled by default.
  • Reworked "Auto reposition heal raid frame". Now change points dynamic depends of num member.
  • Cleanup PvP status functions. May be deleted in the future.
  • Deleted "Remove Boss Emote spam during BG" now useless.
  • Removed GuildFinderSort, not worked with new frames.
  • Added button to change raid layout in options.
  • Removed RangeBar, useless now.
  • Added skin for spells in Warboard skin.
  • Added desc for PvP status. Some locale changes.
  • Hide RaidInfoFrame.Header texture.
  • Some cleanup, changes and fixes.


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