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Old 28.08.2012, 13:47 ▼    #1
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Post ShestakUI 4.1.9 for MoP

ShestakUI 4.1.9

Date: 25.10.2012
UI Version: 4.1.9
WoW Version: 5.0.5
Change Log: link
Extra addons:Known bugs:
Says Thank:
ILF7 (31.08.2012), k07n (01.09.2012), m2jest1c (11.09.2012), Oz (28.08.2012)
Old 03.09.2012, 09:13 ▲    #11
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4.0.7 ===> 4.0.8
  • Some changes for Filger.
  • Updated auto set role(use Blizzard API).
  • Skin Blizzard MasterLooterFrame.
  • Deleted not exist strings.
  • Changed some file names.
  • Try to fix bug with first group loot item frame.
  • GetNumSubgroupMembers() --> GetNumGroupMembers().
  • Fixed threat meter.
  • A better method for detect healers in BG.
  • Enable enableCombatText CVars by default and some CVars for me.
  • Updated locales.
  • Added TBag check.
  • Fixed profession tabs SetCheckedTexture if Blizzard skin is enabled.
  • Updated AutoChefsHat.
  • Improved SumAucBuyouts, now show bids and buyout.
  • Improved hover binding. Right/pet/stance bars now visible in hover bind mode.
  • Fixed tooltip color in hover bind mode.
  • Right click on BG data text = ToggleBattlefieldMinimap.
  • Some cleanup, changes and fixes.
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Old 04.09.2012, 22:53   #12
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4.0.8 ===> 4.0.9
  • Updated locales.
  • Some changes in Character/Inspect frames skin.
  • Fixed AlreadyKnown for guild bank.
  • Added ERR_NOT_IN_COMBAT in black list errors.
  • Added one more abbr in chat for pet battle.
  • Added alDamageMeter check to SpamageMeters.
  • Updated threat meter.
  • Fixed Wrack debuff.
  • Added some fonts for skin.
  • Added some warrior spells in nameplates filter.
  • Added Ironbark to AuraWatch filter and sorting class.
  • Fixed mouseover for shift+right bars.
  • Some move and changes description in Positions.
  • Added some strings to errors list.
  • Updated saved instance datatext.
  • Auto invite by whisper now invite bnet friends too.
  • Added "Whisp UI version" secret word.
  • Fixed error on warlock with auto resurrect option is enable.
  • Some cleanup, changes and fixes.
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Fid (10.09.2012)
Old 05.09.2012, 14:34   #13
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thank you for your great job : )
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Shestak (05.09.2012)
Old 10.09.2012, 18:17   #14
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4.0.9 ===> 4.1.0
  • Added Capping/CoolLine skins.
  • Updated BloodShieldTracker skin.
  • Changes for Filger.
  • Hide Archaeology/Fishing tabs from ProfessionTabs.
  • Added RaidSlackCheck check for some announce.
  • Updated Friends skin.
  • Added "align" slash command.
  • Changed value for vengeance bar.
  • Fixed OnLeave function for quest items in loot frame.
  • Updated zhTW/zhCN/frFR/itIT locale.
  • Updated desc in all locales.
  • Updated desc in toc files.
  • Added some check for Quartz.
  • Added some check for trial account.
  • Updated AlreadyKnown.
  • Added 3D portraits option check for DX9 mode.
  • Fixed nameplates debuffs anchor.
  • Fixed error after key bindings.
  • Fixed oUF_GCD.
  • Added spec check in Filger.
  • Some changes in Profiles.lua
  • Added LFDRoleCheckPopupRoleButton skin.
  • Added GMSurveyUI skin.
  • AutoOpenLootHistory CVar for all, not only for me.
  • Added more TinyDPS check in SpamageMeters.
  • Added feasts/portals announce.
  • Added AtlasLoot/TinyDPS skin.
  • Added description in Announce Spells.
  • Added block NPC spam in cities.
  • Deleted sub options in DBM/BigWigs skins.
  • Added RightButton "event" on UndressButton for undress only tabard.
  • Hide subzone text for me and cleanup.
  • Slightly reduced width of grouploot frame and changes position.
  • Added desc tooltip for CancelAuctionButton.
  • Added IsInGuild check for GuildFinderSorter.
  • Fixed LiteStats click.
  • Added RandomRoll MiddleButton on CopyChatButton.
  • Update Diminishing config.
  • Try to correct anons, if you are assistant.
  • Fix Monk color for ruRU.
  • Fixed quest item range indicator.
  • Fixed "Script ran too long".
  • Fixed priest color in tooltip for ruRU locale.
  • Added Mount list search.
  • Added black list to Aurawatch.
  • Added some LFD buttons skin.
  • Fixed auc left click on items.
  • Added FaceShooter skin.
  • Some cleanup, changes and fixes.
Old 13.09.2012, 13:49   #15
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4.1.0 ===> 4.1.1
  • Fixed LFD specific ckeck buttons skin.
  • Fixed reputation bar position if MAX_PLAYER_LEVEL.
  • Fixed ToggleMenu positions by m2jest1c.
  • Fixed ButtonCollect positions.
  • Fixed(maybe) alerts positions.
  • Some changes in AlertFrames positions and skin.
  • Some changes in Achievement skin.
  • Changes mouse buttons for guild datatext and added desc for members from mobile.
  • Changes some desc in experience tooltip.
  • ToggleMenu.lua from Misc to Maps folder.
  • Use original code for grouploot.
  • Cleanup in Filger.
  • Updated ruRU/zhTW locales.
  • Added dispel check for shadow priest.
  • Added missing authors in description of files.
  • Added some strings to errors filter.
  • Added MissingLootFrame to MoveBlizzard option.
  • Added new option - "Auto collapse WatchFrame in instance".
  • Some cleanup, changes and fixes.
Old 16.09.2012, 16:15   #16
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4.1.1 ===> 4.1.2
  • Updated ArenaControl spells list.
  • Updated Filger spells list.
  • Change achievement date view for ruRU client.
  • Updated locales.
  • Added new option - Hide actionbar proc highligh.
  • Some changes in TradeSkillFrame skin.
  • Added MoveAnything check.
  • Some changes in QuestLog skin.
  • Change mouse buttons for friend datatext.
  • Fixed not hide tooltip if ExploreMap option is enable.
  • Fixed CombustionHelper skin(not fully ready).
  • Deleted "3D Portraits on DX9" check. Blizzard fixed it.
  • Changes some font size and style.
  • Remove double line, if have max guild rep. Slightly change gmotd position.
  • Fixed Bubbles skin.
  • Fixed BattleNet friends whisp.
  • Added some skin options from ShestakUI_Extra.
  • Fixed MinimapButtons skin for GatherMate icons.
  • Improve spec detection for Druid and Hunter.
  • Fixed mobile guild members.
  • Some cleanup, changes and fixes.
Old 18.09.2012, 22:38   #17
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4.1.2 ===> 4.1.3
  • Blockcap gone. Change to display block in LiteStats.
  • Added CUSTOM_CLASS_COLORS support for LitePanels.
  • Change sorting for proc in Filger and added more spells.
  • Slightly changed color for Ironbark.
  • GemCounter: Use new MoP icons. Slightly change positions.
  • Added Sw2rT1 config in Profiles.lua
  • Some changes in WatchFrame skin.
  • Slightly changed WatchFrame position.
  • Always skin some ui elements.
  • Update config desc.
  • Update locales.
  • Cleanup in skins.
  • Fixed micromenu taint(for talents).
  • Fixed player color if in vehicle.
  • Changed string for toon name on friendlist datatext.
  • Fixed QuestInfoSkillPointFramePoints font style.
  • Some cleanup, changes and fixes.
Old 23.09.2012, 00:58   #18
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4.1.3 ===> 4.1.4
  • Fixed flask/food check.
  • Fixed invite dropdown for guild members. Slightly changed zone color.
  • Fixed ToggleMenu by m2jest1c.
  • Fixed GuildRewards locked icons.
  • Fixed GuildNextPerk locked icons.
  • Fixed multi monitor mode.
  • Fixed double "Spell ID" talent tooltip.
  • Deleted some killed Blizzard chat options.
  • Deleted some unneeded functions. Use default Blizzard API.
  • Deleted NightElf bonus check for avoidance.
  • Deleted GUILD_REP_WEEKLY_CAPPED string from spam list.
  • Display Mastery as %. Add some space between stats in Top Panel.
  • Added slash commands for toggle helm and cloak.
  • Added new option - Auto popup for currency cap.
  • Added new option - WorldMap Fog of War.
  • Added new option - ColorPicker.
  • Added old achievements filter.
  • Added FarmMode minimap button and move in own file.
  • Added positions for ButtonCollect and GhostFrame in Positions.lua
  • Added more check for actionbars.
  • Added WorldMap floors mouse scroll.
  • Added save slash command typo.
  • Added author line in AddOnsList tooltip and fixed mouseover tooltip.
  • Changed button texture for Click2Cast.
  • Updated spell IDs.
  • Updated SearchMounts.
  • Updated locales.
  • Some cleanup, changes and fixes.
Old 29.09.2012, 09:38   #19
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4.1.4 ===> 4.1.5
  • Updated locales.
  • Reorganize Filger files.
  • Cleanup ToggleMenu.
  • Added eclipse event to xCT.
  • Added left click state in memory stats for toggle AddonManager.
  • Fixed arena/boss frames positions.
  • Slightly changing vertical position of the right actionbars.
  • Changed some desc in files.
  • Added some Achievements Criteria check in tooltip.
  • Slightly changing background alpha for all bars.
  • Updated Translation block.
  • Fixed invite in datatext menu.
  • Change Event for hiding frames during Pet Battle.
  • Added some check for mouseover chat tabs.
  • Remove old debuffs.
  • Added two fragments to SolveArtifact.
  • Fixed PetBattle error.
  • Added more spells.
  • Some cleanup, changes and fixes.
Say Thank:
Death Engine (29.09.2012)
Old 02.10.2012, 19:01   #20
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4.1.5 ===> 4.1.6
  • Added SubSkillRankBars skin.
  • Added BattlePetTooltip skin.
  • Added Overachiever check.
  • Hide micromenu in pet battle.
  • Added Ghost Iron Lockbox to NeedList.
  • Updated "Credits/Thanks" blocks.
  • Fixed error in petbattle.
  • Updated SearchMounts.
  • Added ScenarioReward skin.
  • Changes Vengeance bar value.
  • Added Portal/Teleport:Vale of Eternal Blossoms to MagePortals.
  • Fixed combatlog chat config.
  • Fixed MacroFrame skin.
  • Added new portal to AnnounceSpells.
  • Fixed BlackMarket skin.
  • Added more spells/items.
  • Some cleanup, changes and fixes.

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