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Post ShestakUI 3.3.9 for 4.3

ShestakUI 3.3.9

Date: 13.01.2012
UI Version: 3.3.9
WoW Version: 4.3
Change Log: link
Extra addons:
Says Thank:
anj (30.11.2011), k07n (01.12.2011), Mania (02.12.2011), Oz (29.11.2011), Tibles (04.12.2011)
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3.3.0 ===> 3.3.1
  • Some cleanup, changes and fixes.

Posted in 81 hour 55 minute
3.3.1 ===> 3.3.2
  • Fixed crop DBM RaidWarning icons.
  • Fixed texture level in MinimapButton skin.
  • Added new option - Auto cast resurrection for raid frames.
  • Some skin changes.
  • If the bags are off, the gold stats is located near the location stat.
  • Some changes in Filger.
  • Added new trinkets procs in Filger.
  • Fixed Fading Light in Filger.
  • Skin ExtraActionBarFrame.
  • Slightly changed ExtraActionBarFrame position.
  • Fixed typo in locale ^^.
  • Fixed nil error in AutoBuy script.
  • Updated ruRU locale.
  • Fixed FrameStrata for LootFrame.
  • Try to fix nil error for WatchFrame.
  • Disable ExtraActionBarFrame skin if ActionBars is off.
  • Added StaticPopupCloseButton skin.
  • Deleted light_macro option. No more needed(Blizzard default option).
  • Cleanup toc file.
  • Added WatchFrameCollapseExpandButton skin.
  • Added fast click function for announce loot on left button.
  • Some changes for loot items backdrop.
  • Deleted KLE skin.
  • Modified SkinCloseButton function.
  • Some cleanup, changes and fixes.

Posted in 110 hours 35 minute
3.3.2 ===> 3.3.3
  • Deleted Chaos Orb from NeedLoot, now is BoE.
  • Fixed scale value in GUI.
  • Added some ids/names to some filter list.
  • Some changes in Profiles.lua for Sw2rT1.
  • Some changes in Profiles.lua for Oz.
  • Updated "Thanks" block in toc file.
  • Updated "Credits" block in toc file.
  • Cleanup from KLE.
  • Deleted Seal of Command from filters.
  • Updated oUF.
  • Updated RealLinks.
  • Some changes in settings and api for colors.
  • Added CombustionHelper skin.
  • Added DungeonTabs.
  • Added AutoChefsHat.
  • Added LFG|BG and PartyInvite popups sound warning to "master".
  • Some changes in skins.
  • Fixed xml loading error.
  • Fixed MAX_PLAYER_LEVEL check in AutoBuy script.
  • Changes 40 to 20 items in AutoBuy list. It's very much.
  • Some changes in QuestLog skin.
  • Fixed and cleanup GuildList update.
  • Mac/Options/Inteface/ChatConfig skins enabled now if C["skins"]["blizzard_frames"] = true
  • Max ilvl in tooltip from 372 to 397.
  • Fixed typo in ruRU locale ^^.
  • Added Holy Radiance in xCT merge_aoe_spam list.
  • Some changes in ChatConfig skin.
  • Added GuildChallengeAlertFrame skin.
  • Added MissingLoot skin, but not yet fully.
  • Fixed DungeonCompletionAlertFrame skin(hide one ore texture).
  • Updated Spanish locale.
  • Fixed show mana warning on UF if player is dead.
  • Some cleanup, changes and fixes.

Posted in 118 hours 42 minutes
3.3.3 ===> 3.3.4
  • Fixed GuildInviteFrame skin.
  • Fixed LFR skin.
  • Fixed MissingLootFrame skin.
  • Some changes in TransmogrifyFrame skin. Now it looks better.
  • Fixed Dungeon|ProfessionTabs skin for Aurora.
  • Fixed CheckedTexture.
  • Kill some Blizzard option.
  • Fixed druid BR in RaidCD(Thanks to Wetxius).
  • Fixed FrameStackTooltip short slash command.
  • Fixed BigWigs skin(Thanks to Affli) and cleanup.
  • Unknown LFG minimap icon to default icon.
  • Disable bags if Combuctor is loaded.
  • Added achievement wowhead link popup if we click on achievement in AchievementUI.
  • Moved some xCT code to general Kill.lua
  • Right mouse button on CopyChat button always shown, and not only first chat tab active.
  • Added new option for PulseCD - threshold.
  • Added phrase in locales for new option.
  • Added player|target castbar|portrait to mover.
  • Added EnemyCD to mover.
  • Fixed error in tooltip if key bindigs mode is enabled.
  • Updated oUF.
  • Updated "Thanks" block in toc file.
  • Some changes in Fonts.lua(path >>> option).
  • Added config for ILF7 in Profiles.lua
  • Some cleanup, changes and fixes.

Posted in 190 hours 23 minutes
3.3.4 ===> 3.3.5
  • Updated frFR locale.
  • Fixed ruRU locale.
  • Fixed Deep Corruption id on raid frames.
  • Added Twilight Shift to black list.
  • Improved icon coloring border for raid debuffs.
  • Fixed MissingLoot icon level.
  • Fixed some name options in in-game config.
  • Added some phrase in ChatSpam filter.
  • Added some ids in RaidDebuffs filter.
  • Added some ids in CrowsControl filter.
  • Added talent spec on arena frames.
  • Updated ids in Talent check list.
  • Added new UF option - Necrotic Strike bar(for DK).
  • Deleted not used files and function.
  • Added RaidUtility positions in Positions.lua. Added "watchFrameWidth" check.
  • Fixed dropdown menu error on ToT.
  • Added some tricks to RaidUtility.
  • Make the in-line icons match the font size(+-) in chat.
  • Fixed error in DBM Radar test.
  • Some cleanup, changes and fixes.
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3.3.5 ===> 3.3.6
  • Fixed BNet friends invite.
  • Cleanup Profiles.lua
  • Added dropdown menu(middle mouse button) in friend|guild datatext for whisp or invite.
  • Cleanup LiteStats.
  • Fixed Polymorph Rabbit id in CC filter.
  • Fixed bags item taint.
  • Fixed UF anchors. Fixed Swing bar color if unitframe.own_color == true.
  • Changes castbar latency anchor.
  • Changes mt anchor.
  • Added guild repair description in durability tooltip.
  • Fixed WatchFrame taint.
  • Fel Intelligence --> Arcane Brilliance icon in RaidBuffs.
  • Some cleanup, changes and fixes.

Posted in 9 hours 55 minute
3.3.6 ===> 3.3.7
  • Comment out three trinket procs in Filger.
  • Debuff stack on raid frames now show if > 1.
  • Fixed raid debuff count|timer parent if aura spiral is enabled.

Posted in 114 hours 25 minute
3.3.7 ===> 3.3.8
  • Updated oUF.
  • Some changes in durability stat tooltip.
  • Changes some spells in raid buffs reminder.
  • Another way to set parent for raid debuffs count|time.
  • Fixed mail unique item bug.
  • Templates.xml --> oUF.xml
  • Fixed quest description.
  • Some changes in locales.
  • Added esES/esMX locales for group loot.
  • Some changes in stats.
  • Some changes in Filger.
  • Some cleanup, changes and fixes.
Old 13.01.2012, 16:12   #13
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3.3.8 ===> 3.3.9
  • Improved ArmoryLink: added zhTW and koKR armory web site, added "armory link" in more dropdownmenu.
  • Some changes in Auctionator skin.
  • Some changes in Profiles.lua
  • Updated zhTW locale in LootRoll.
  • Fixed "tuda-syuda" QuestCompleted items in bags.
  • Added BG button in ChatBars and some changes.
  • Added Tol Barad zone in Auto resurection script.
  • Updated oUF.
  • Added "Healer" role in CheckRole function.
  • Fixed pet cd error in PulseCD.
  • Added some spells for aoespam merge in xCT.
  • Added currency in HyperLink.
  • Added new option - nameplate debuffs size.
  • Updated zhTW/zhCN locales.
  • Fixed FrameStrata for Raid debuffs.
  • Added VoidStorage to oGlow.
  • Fixed guild bank search overlay.
  • Fixed bank/bags/guildbank search box select text.
  • Fixed party taint in combat.
  • Fixed some Blizzard skins.
  • Fixed "fig_ego_znaet_chto_za_tekstura" in CharacterFrame.
  • Fixed scroll level in OptionsFrame.
  • Some cleanup, changes and fixes.

4.3, download, ptr

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