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Old 18.07.2018, 14:27   #1
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Post ShestakUI 7.1.1 for 8.1.5

ShestakUI 7.1.1

Date: 02.06.2019
UI Version: 7.1.1
WoW Version: 8.1.5
Change Log: link
Says Thank:
alekk (01.01.2019), dgn (20.07.2018), Lamindra (18.07.2018), Shestak (18.07.2018), Sw2rT1 (19.07.2018)
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Old 21.07.2018, 20:06   #2
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7.0.0 ===> 7.0.1
  • A detailed list of changes see here.
  • Fixed CombatText arguments.
  • Fixed nameplate debuffs.
  • Updated oUF Stagger.
  • Fixed UnitBuff for SelfBuffsReminder.
  • Updated events for Archaeology.
  • Disabled WORLD_MAP_UPDATE event.
  • Disabled ExploreMap.
  • Fixed OrderHall skin.
  • Removed Netherlight Crucible skin.
  • Fixed ArtifactPower.
  • Fixed vehicle bar order.
  • Fixed CancelBadBuffs.
  • Fixed RaidBuffsReminder.
  • Fixed map player positions.
  • Fixed error when buy bank slots.Fixed texture for bags frame when checked it.
  • Fixed OrderHall loading.
  • Wrong function name.
  • Fixed chatType nil error.
  • Fixed BuffOnScroll.
  • Fixed SafariHat.
  • Fixed castbar interrupt color.
  • Fixed HarmonyOrbs error when disable stagger.
  • Added more check to prevent error with GetChannelName.
  • Fixed crash when hiding combat log tab.
  • Added skin for new PvP talents in Inspect.
  • Fixed T.ReminderBuffs table for announce.
  • Fixed Greeting skin.
  • Fixed OrderHallTalentFrame skin.
  • Some cleanup, changes and fixes.
Says Thank:
alekk (26.07.2018), flameflower (22.07.2018), Puree (26.07.2018), Shestak (22.07.2018), Sw2rT1 (23.07.2018)
Old 04.08.2018, 18:11   #3
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7.0.1 ===> 7.0.2
  • A detailed list of changes see here.
  • Try to fix OptionButton skin in QuestChoice.
  • Fixed Contribution skin.
  • Added skin for WarCampaignTooltip.
  • Changed font for description in Warboard.
  • Properly hide background for KeyBindingFrameScrollFrame.
  • Added skin for new elements in Options.
  • Try to fix QuestFrame_ShowQuestPortrait.
  • Updated oUF_Trinkets.
  • Added chat channel option for minimap menu.
  • Updated CastBar.
  • Added new procs for Mage.
  • Returned check spell by name for Filger.
  • Create new global function to check player buffs.
  • Restrict access to forbidden nameplate for ClickCast.
  • Added new CombatText & FilgerSpells.
  • Fixed FogOfWar.
  • Use AuraUtil.FindAuraByName for Filger.
  • Changed position for main tanks if enabled split bar.
  • Fixed Auction skin when Auctionator is disable.
  • Added new functions SetOutside and SetInside.
  • Some cleanup, changes and fixes.
Says Thank:
Erratic (06.08.2018), flameflower (04.09.2018), Shestak (06.08.2018), Sw2rT1 (05.08.2018)
Old 10.09.2018, 17:42   #4
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Wetxius's Avatar
7.0.2 ===> 7.0.3
  • A detailed list of changes see here.
  • Updated oUF_Experience.
  • Updated oUF.
  • Added check if icon for equipment not exist..
  • Fixed position for World map.
  • Fixed powerType check for combo points.
  • Fixed combo points message for CombatText.
  • Fixed world map elements skin.
  • Fixed error when clicking guild.
  • Added new mage portals.
  • Reworked artifact datatext to compatible with Azerit.
  • Fixed texture around weapon slots.
  • Removed Artifact mouseover button.
  • Added Azerite skin. Start Communities skin.
  • Fixed MainMenuBar taint.
  • Set runes color by spec.
  • Updated oUF_Reputation.
  • Added new currency - Seafarer's Dubloon.
  • Return back mage's curse dispel.
  • Added "new" buffs for self reminder.
  • Prevent error when running TradeSkillMaster.
  • Added Azerite texture for Bags.
  • Changed strata and level for coordinates.
  • ScrappingMachine Skin.
  • Fixed color for available quest.
  • Increased height for in-game config. Changed justify for option.
  • Hide textures for TalkingHead.
  • Make aura icons for nameplate pixel perfect.
  • Reworked and enabled BattlefieldMap.
  • Fixed TrainAll.
  • Fixed OneClickEnchantScroll.
  • Fixed pop-up and quick join message.
  • Added new flasks.
  • Disable Filger until fix fps issue.
  • Fixed nameplate castbar interrupt color.
  • Added new CombatText & FilgerSpells.
  • Some cleanup, changes and fixes.
Say Thank:
Shestak (11.09.2018)
Old 14.12.2018, 14:18   #5
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Wetxius's Avatar
7.0.3 ===> 7.0.4
  • A detailed list of changes see here.
  • Removed Legion raid debuffs.
  • Skin TutorialBox.
  • Update zhCN.
  • Added BFA Dungeons and Uldir.
  • Added Seal of Wartorn Fate.
  • Few CombatText and FilgerSpells changes.
  • Deathknight CombatText.
  • Changed number for WarboardQuestChoiceFrame.
  • Fix nameplates auras stack font size.
  • Added Lightning Arc [Azerite trait] to merge_aoe_spam.
  • Update mage AOE spam filter.
  • Fixed Clique skin.
  • Fixed and changed logic for auto collapse quest.
  • Fixed debuffs position when enabled stagger bar.
  • Added stamina, intellect, attack power and custom empty section for raid buffs reminder.
  • Added "Drums of the Maelstrom" to Filger and cleanup.
  • Fixed ActionButton_ShowGrid.
  • Fixed border around weapons slot and hide new window textures.
  • Fixed GetWhoInfo.
  • Improved StripTextures to hide new textures.
  • Removed Arcane Torrent.
  • Fixed Pixel Perfect.
  • Fixed a lot of skin after 8.1.
  • Added new spells for Filger.
  • Added full skin for ChallengesFrame.
  • Added basic skin for PvP talens.
  • Added basic skin for BFA Mission.
  • Some cleanup, changes and fixes.
Says Thank:
Lamindra (15.12.2018), Shestak (09.01.2019)
Old 31.12.2018, 15:34   #6
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Wetxius's Avatar
7.0.4 ===> 7.0.5
  • A detailed list of changes see here.
  • Added extra check to prevent error on some Asians language with MagePortals.
  • Added skin for HeirloomsJournal.UpgradeLevelHelpBox.
  • Fixed C_FriendList.GetWhoInfo returns.
  • Improved T.SkinScrollBar.
  • Added Voice Channels skin.
  • Removed outdated code and spells.
  • Added check to prevent error in WorldStateScoreList.
  • Fixed Trainer skin.
  • Added skin for TalentFrame of OrderHall.
  • Hide new texture for Warboard.
  • Added skin for CollectionsJournal.WardrobeTabHelpBox.
  • Resize map for FlightMapFrame.
  • Continue skin BFAMissionFrame.
  • Added "Weakened Soul" for RaidAuraWatch.
  • Added new currencies.
  • Adjust PixelPerfect.
  • Fixed taint for action bars.
  • Prevent mouseover through MagePortals buttons.
  • Updated oUF.
  • Properly minimize world map when enabled skin.
  • Reduce fps drops caused by Filger.
  • Rewrote SpinCam to prevent error in combat.
  • Added new option "Power cost prediction". Disabled by default.
  • Added new spells for Filger.
  • Added "Summon icon" on raid frames.
  • Updated Range module for action bar.
  • Fixed friend whisper function.
  • Fixed quest title line wrap.
  • Hide cooldown on honor level frame..
  • Added skin for EmbeddedItemTooltip.
  • Fixed CalendarMassInviteFrame skin.
  • Fixed error when enabled Aurora.
  • Added skin for PVPQueueFrame.HonorInset.RatedPanel.SeasonRewardFrame.
  • Added color for communities member list.
  • Continue work with Communities skin.
  • Fixed ChatConfig skin.
  • Fixed StackSplitFrame skin.
  • Hide new portrait TradeFrame.RecipientOverlay.
  • Fixed Quest level.
  • Added new dropdown in WorldMap close button. It control visible for coordinates and fog of war.
  • Added more skin for Communities.
  • Prevent error in command /frame.
  • Added style for Game16Font and Fancy16Font.
  • Added skin for scenario progress bar.
  • Added skin for PvP talents slot icons.
  • Continue skin of Communities. Almost done, except of dialog windows.
  • Fixed GuildFinder skin.
  • Prevent invalid max number for HolyPower.
  • Added style for QuestFont_Enormous.
  • Added skin for BFAMissionFrameFollowers
  • Some cleanup, changes and fixes.
Says Thank:
alekk (01.01.2019), Shestak (09.01.2019)
Old 23.01.2019, 14:09   #7
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7.0.5 ===> 7.0.6
  • A detailed list of changes see here.
  • Set size for SpellFlyoutButton after combat end.
  • Fixed error for Rematch skin.
  • Added skin for StaticPopup1ExtraButton.
  • Just DisableDrawLayer instead of kill textures for T.SkinEditBox.
  • Finish Communities skin.
  • Changed view of date in LiteStats and fixed weekday.
  • Fixed color for rewards in mission.
  • Reposition AchievementFrame.searchBox while comparison.
  • Added new option "Hide button for oUF_RaidDPS (top left mouseover)".Disabled by default
  • Fixed rewards position when active GarrisonMissionManager addon.
  • Delete ExploreMap and MapBossCount. Unable to correct work.
  • Fixed move for Battlefield score frame and changed default position.
  • Added skin for SpellLockedTooltip.
  • Added skin for Talent help box.
  • Added check for protected message.
  • Move combo points function directly in oUF module.
  • Added color for WarCampaignHeader and StoryHeader.
  • Changed info view for friends.
  • Added button to use Safari Hat.
  • Increase plus/minus texture for quest close button.
  • Added new skin function for expand/collapse buttons.
  • Fixed search for Keystone.
  • Added skin for ZoneAbilityButtonAlert.
  • Hide WarboardQuestChoiceFrame.CloseButton.Border.
  • Added skin for VoidStorageHelpBox.
  • Changed size for role check button in PvP.
  • Prevent error when first login without settings.
  • Added new portals for announce.
  • Update German.lua
  • Fixed icons for /tdr.
  • Fixed bag search.
  • Added overlay for Scrap Items.
  • Updated Italian locale.
  • Added support CanIMogIt for bags.
  • Added red color for non-purchased bank slots.
  • Updated French translation
  • Fixed Archeology skin.
  • Changed size for SpellHighlightTexture texture.
  • Some cleanup, changes and fixes.
Say Thank:
Shestak (24.01.2019)
Old 20.02.2019, 13:43   #8
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Wetxius's Avatar
7.0.6 ===> 7.0.7
  • A detailed list of changes see here.
  • Fixed function returns for DiminishingCD that cause it broken.
  • Fixed combo points for Druid when login.
  • Updated Diminishing spells.
  • Updated OrderHallTalentFrame skin.
  • Updated all Licenses.
  • Updated AutoAccept.
  • Added skin for LFGListFrame.EntryCreation.ActivityFinder.
  • Added raid debuffs for Battle of Dazar'alor.
  • Added skin for ChallengesFrame.SeasonChangeNoticeFrame.
  • Fixed selected texture for Binding skin.
  • Disable movement for nameplates.
  • Added SetCVar("nameplateSelectedScale", 1).
  • Improved skin for SubSkillRankBar.
  • Rewrite skin for CharacterStatsPane.
  • Adjusted EncounterJournal skin.
  • Added auto width for afk panel depending of text width.
  • Fixed HighlightTexture for Character item slots.
  • Fixed warn level for specialization.
  • Reworked Talents dataText. It anchor bottom stats and allow change loot spec.
  • Reworked Filger for better performance.
  • Improved reputation datatext to show paragon and friendship value.
  • Optimize RaidDebuffs to avoid double calling UnitAura function.
  • Added skin for SpecializationSpecIcon.
  • Changed title for lockouts raid.
  • Adjusted position for PaperDollItemsFrame.UnspentAzeriteHelpBox.CloseButton.
  • Reworked Obliterum skin.
  • Fixed skin icon for Scrapping.
  • Added skin for AzeriteRespec.
  • Adjusted AzeriteRespecFrame.ButtonFrame.AzeriteRespecButton position.
  • Added color for /framelist.
  • Rework ItemLevel.
  • Fixed WorldMapFrame position when open other frames.
  • Adjusted position for CommunitiesFrame.ChatEditBox and CommunitiesFrame.StreamDropDownMenu.NotificationOverlay.
  • Rework scroll down for CopyChat.
  • Changed strata for LiteStats.
  • Fixed Container skin.
  • Updated Rematch skin.
  • Fixed Seal count for Clock datatext and added color.
  • Some cleanup, changes and fixes.
Say Thank:
Shestak (14.03.2019)
Old 13.03.2019, 17:52   #9
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Wetxius's Avatar
7.0.7 ===> 7.0.8
  • A detailed list of changes see here.
  • CombatText spam Execute fix.
  • Updated Translation author.
  • Tweak PvP skin.
  • Added extra checks for spec datatext to prevent error.
  • Renamed Aura => Auras. Updated some arg function.
  • Filger settings for Warrior.
  • Added skin for AudioOptionsVoicePanelTestInputDevice.VUMeter.
  • Added skin for PVPQueueFrame.NewSeasonPopup.
  • Updated Cooldowns module.
  • Return Character Info Sheet for ItemLevel.
  • Updated SlashCmdList.TEST_ACHIEVEMENT.
  • Removed CombustionHelper skin.
  • Fixed direction setting for CombatText.
  • Fixed Blizzard Power Bar for nameplate.
  • Added fixes for new patch.
  • Updated Locales.
  • Fixed skin for TokenFrame.
  • Removed CurrencyCap option.
  • Removed currency pvp datatext option.
  • Some cleanup, changes and fixes.
Says Thank:
Shestak (14.03.2019), Sw2rT1 (14.03.2019)
Old 28.03.2019, 08:07   #10
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7.0.8 ===> 7.0.9
  • A detailed list of changes see here.
  • Fixed IsSubTitle name.
  • Fixed Gold datatext for cargBags Nivaya.
  • Fixed ArmoryLink for unit.
  • Moved QuestGreeting directly to Quest.lua.
  • Fixed QuestGreeting skin.
  • Adjusted Warboard skin.
  • Fixed bar for "Cycle of Life" quest.
  • Rework and fixed SpellFlyoutButton.
  • Added skin for NewToyAlertSystem.
  • Added skin for SendMailSendMoneyButton and SendMailCODButton.
  • Adjusted size for Communities NotificationsButton.
  • Sorting help info for LiteStats.
  • Removed old locales.
  • Removed "Archaeology Helper" and "FaceShooter" skins.
  • Removed "CLCProt" and "CLCRet" skins.
  • Added support for "/settings bw" to apply BigWigs skin.
  • Removed "DXE" skin.
  • Some cleanup, changes and fixes.

8.0.1, beta, bfa

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