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Old 14.10.2020, 16:11   #1
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Post ShestakUI 8.1.9 for 9.0.5

ShestakUI 8.1.9

Date: 01.04.2021
UI Version: 8.1.9
WoW Version: 9.0.5
Change Log: link
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Shestak (20.01.2021)
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Old 14.10.2020, 16:18   #2
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7.3.0 ===> 8.0.0
  • Fixed Filger error for Death Knights.
  • Important changes: moving frame now account-wide. Renamed all SavedVariables.
  • Added new option "Bottom bars on mouseover" disabled by default.
  • Added button for custom edit lua profile and support external ShestakUI_Profile.
  • Disable chat when run "Glass".
  • Replace InActiveBattlefield() function.
  • Don't set chat font size when Install.
  • Repalce deprecated functions.
  • Rework "Auto invite when whisper keyword". You can set more than one word now.
  • Changed Explosives color to orange.
  • Prevent empty line when enabled system spam filter.
  • Fixed minimap error.
  • Limit text width for RaidUtility and ToggleMenu.
  • Fixed error when run on fresh client.
  • Insert "local T, C, L = unpack(ShestakUI)" always.
  • Rework UIWidget skin. Work after /reload.
  • Use C.raidframe.heal for dps tanks.
  • Added check for "Plater" addon.
  • Added check to prevent error in Hide button for oUF_RaidDPS.
  • Adjusted slider and profile size.
  • Fixed user placed positions for AltPowerBar and UIWidget.
  • Fixed Archaeology reset positions.
  • Fixed Loot reset positions.
  • Added "Easy delete good items".
  • Various fixes for Shadowlands.
  • Some cleanup, changes and fixes.
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Shestak (20.01.2021)
Old 15.10.2020, 15:49   #3
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Wetxius's Avatar
8.0.0 ===> 8.0.1
  • Temp disable BarberShop skin.
  • Updated Diminishing.
  • Fixed Experience.
  • Fixed LiteStats currency.
  • Updated AlternativePower.
  • Updated Power.
  • Some cleanup, changes and fixes.
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Shestak (20.01.2021)
Old 15.10.2020, 15:51   #4
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8.0.1 ===> 8.0.2
  • Fixed error on new created character.
  • Fixed error for gold currency.
  • Fixed Bubbles skin.
  • Fixed DBM skin.
  • Start skinning BarberShop.
  • Fixed CharsCurrency.
  • Replace GetCurrencyInfo function.
  • Use arrrow buttons for GUI.
  • Added chat info when grab money from mail.
  • Fixed scroolbar skin in AddonList.
  • Some cleanup, changes and fixes.
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Shestak (20.01.2021)
Old 16.10.2020, 13:52   #5
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8.0.2 ===> 8.0.3
  • Updated Chinese and Taiwan locales.
  • Added skin for QuickKeybindTooltip.
  • Added skin for QuickKeybindFrame.
  • Fixed AzeriteEssence skin.
  • Fixed our Bindings module.
  • Hide Blizzard QuickKeybindGlow. Fixed ExtraActionButton1 skin.
  • Added "Devouring Plague" and "Weakened Soul" to Filger debuffs.
  • Fixed skin for ScriptErrorsFrame.
  • Correct boss auras option name, it can show also debuffs..
  • Added description about ShestakUI_Profile addon.
  • Change points for RestingIndicator.
  • Added checks for /testui.
  • Fixed size for raidframes when power is 0.
  • Fixed Details skin.
  • Fixed garrison in minimap menu.
  • Fixed Garrison skin.
  • Added skin for QuestMapFrame.CampaignOverview.
  • Fixed gossip functions in AutoAccept.
  • Updated SkinSmallMinimizeButton.
  • Updated AutoAccept.
  • Some cleanup, changes and fixes.
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Shestak (20.01.2021)
Old 20.10.2020, 09:44   #6
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Wetxius's Avatar
8.0.3 ===> 8.0.4
  • Fixed position GarrisonLandingPageMinimapButton.
  • Fixed skin ZoneAbilityFrame and position for ExtraActionBarFrame.
  • Updated Chinese and Taiwan locales.
  • Fixed coords.
  • Fixed Inspect skin.
  • Fixed stack raid icon for tooltip.
  • Fixed backdrop error for ClickCast.
  • Fixed double icon for Holy Fire.
  • Fixed /ss command.
  • Fixed LFGDungeonReadyDialog and LFGDungeonReadyStatus borders.
  • Prevent division by zero.
  • Fixed Unstable Affliction for Filger.
  • Show tooltip for our binding always and allow bind ExtraActionButton1.
  • Added Paladin auras to Reminders.
  • Optimize Filger importing spells and move common cooldowns outside of class config.
  • Added weapon buff reminder for Enh Shaman.
  • Allow temp hide elements in /moveui by Middle-click.
  • Some cleanup, changes and fixes.
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Shestak (20.01.2021)
Old 24.10.2020, 11:02   #7
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8.0.4 ===> 8.0.5
  • Fixed Runes error.
  • Updated oUF Colors.lua.
  • Disable Quest level function (break spaces between text).
  • Fixed GetNumQuestLogChoices in AlreadyKnown.
  • Disabled announce Interrupts and PullCountdown when not in group.
  • Added skin for WorldMapTrackingPinButton.
  • Change font Game11Font_o1, Game12Font_o1, Game13Font_o1.
  • Deleted PvPRating (taint Blizzard code).
  • Merge QuestLog into ObjectiveTracker.
  • Added PostCreate functions to modify unit frames.
  • Shift-click on bags close button to restack items.
  • Added TaintLess.xml. Enabled skin for DeclensionFrame.
  • Fixed search overlay and rework escape pressing function.
  • Fixed frame level borders for actionbars.
  • Show bottom bars while open SpellFlyout and Bindings.
  • Tweak FeastsAndPortals code.
  • Portals now learned on 11 lvl.
  • Updated oUF core, exept of CastBar still need testing.
  • Updated Licenses.
  • Added Item level on flyout buttons.
  • Updated Range.
  • Small update for AutoAccept.
  • Added cd for Hammer of Wrath.
  • Safely way to reposition ExtraBar.
  • Updated oUF castBar. Castbar for targettarget and focustarget is not shown now.
  • Fixed skin for Pet talent.
  • Fixed health color functions.
  • Fixed flyout style error in combat.
  • Some cleanup, changes and fixes.
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Shestak (20.01.2021)
Old 24.10.2020, 15:40   #8
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Wetxius's Avatar
8.0.5 ===> 8.0.6
  • Revert oUF Health and Power. It work better for our function after death.
  • Fixed backdrop for PvPMatch.
  • Fixed BattlefieldScore.
  • Added check for SkinStatusBar.
  • Fixed stack Filger pet icon when pet is not exist.
  • Some cleanup, changes and fixes.
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Shestak (20.01.2021)
Old 01.11.2020, 14:23   #9
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8.0.6 ===> 8.0.7
  • Rework threat function for frames.
  • Fixed skin UIWidget.
  • Change font for pet battle level and auras to pixel. Fix skin after reload
  • Replace text with texture for pixel "-" button.
  • Prevent taint for ExtraActionBarFrame.
  • Added "Shining Light" proc.
  • Added skin for ItemRefTooltip.CloseButton.
  • Fixed labels for CreateChannelPopup.
  • Updated ChannelingTicks.
  • Increased AlternativePower height by 1 pixel and changed color to less brighter.
  • Fixed TemporaryEnchantFrame position.
  • Allow search in Reagent frame. Hide properly bank when open reagents.
  • Added check for existing button in RaidInfo.
  • We need to call Pawn API for showing upgrade arrow now.
  • Tweak SpamageMeters code.
  • Try avoid copy nick taint.
  • Fixed mistake in health color.
  • Updated AutoAccept.
  • Added new command (/onlyui) to quickly disable all addon expect of our UI.
  • Move Blizzard\Nameplates.lua => UnitFrames\Nameplates.lua. Move Unit frames functions into new file UnitFrames\Functions.lua. Move style function to Core/API.lua.
  • Fixed labels for send editboxes in Mail.
  • Some cleanup, changes and fixes.
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Shestak (20.01.2021)
Old 12.11.2020, 12:24   #10
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Wetxius's Avatar
8.0.7 ===> 8.0.8
  • Some addons overwrite nameplateGlobalScale, prevent bad scale.
  • Check blacklist for nameplates by npc ID.
  • Added arrow buttons for mover anchors. Now grid lines auto enables after /moveui.
  • Use C.filger.cooldown_space for EnemyCD interval.
  • Added new option "Change General font".
  • Prevent multiple hook in BigWigs skin.
  • Added option to disable "Bottom classcolor line".
  • Change title for Pixel font.
  • Tweak position of MiniMapTracking.
  • Merge PvPDebuffs into T.RaidDebuffs, instead of checking two tables.
  • Added new option "Boss and Arena width".
  • Disable our nameplates when run namePlateM+ or NeatPlates.
  • Hide CircleMask for PvP rewards.
  • Fixed error when LibSharedMedia not load.
  • Updated Chinese and Taiwan locales.
  • Updated AutoAccept.
  • Allow use T.oUF constants.
  • Fixed Execution Sentence id.
  • Fixed moving raid frames.
  • Drop oUF_MovableFrames points system and use own that more accurate.
  • Removed Corruption icon from Bags.
  • Added skin for compaign quest items.
  • Fixed dynamic position after reload.
  • Added new option "Show glow texture for target" for nameplates.
  • Block change SetPoint SendMailNameEditBox.
  • Fixed cancel posses bar.
  • Correct some spell id.
  • Fixed textures for GroupFinderFrame.
  • Right click on color picker in GUI now reset it.
  • Some cleanup, changes and fixes.
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Shestak (20.01.2021)


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