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Old 15.02.2011, 19:52   #1
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Actionbar Problem

Hey Shestak, first of all I want to thank you for this amazing ui =)

I play a druid and since 4.06 hits, I found a problem with the actionbars: when I log off or do a reload and I am on a stance (bear, cat, etc.), all the actionbars are missing (top bottom bar, stance bar and right bars), only the bottom actionbar is visible.

The only solution that I found to this is to change to my tauren form with no stances, do a reload and then all the bars are visible again.

I read that was a problem with ractionbarstyler and some days ago the author updated his addon and that problem is gone.

I saw that you update this ui today, but I dont know if you knew of this problem before or its gone with this new update.


Edit: The problem still persist after the update ui, got it on my shadow priest.

It seems druids, rogues, priest and warriors may got the problem (all the classes with stances)
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Old 03.03.2011, 22:37   #2
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Confirming this problem, as I've had similar issues.

I attempted to change my action bars (through the interface options) to a different number on the bottom and side. Afterwards, I only had the bottom bar and my right action bars were gone.

I've found a simple fix to this is to go to the config folder and modify the action bars that way, rather than through the in-game interface.
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Try this, in ShestakUI\ActionBars\Hide.lua(~26 line) find:
Code [Select]:
and replace:
Code [Select]:
if element ~= MainMenuBar then

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