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Going into full CC will cause CD issues

ShestakUI version:
Version: 6.12

WoW version:
Patch: 7.2.0

Installed and running addons:
ShestakUI, ShestakUI_Config, Bugsack, Buggrabber

Screenshot(if that matters for error):

Lua error code(if that matters for error):
How to reproduce error:
Just get full CCed in a battleground and the cooldown number can disappear and will reappear when you press a button while in a full CC. Once you come out of it, they seem to work normal again.

Just to mention. I was running through a Lib called LibActionButton-1.0. It has some really good ways to handle charges and such for cooldowns. I am not sure if this will return useful though.
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It's problem? You can't doing anything in CC, so why you worry about cooldowns?


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