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Old 22.01.2017, 16:45   #1
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Unable to use Val'kyr Call with Shestak enabled

The Warrior order hall perk that lets you auto-complete quests, called Val'kyr Call (actual spell here) won't work unless I disable Shestak. I get the error that Shestak is trying to do something only Blizzard is allowed and it needs to be disabled.

Any way to fix this?
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Old 22.01.2017, 18:03   #2
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Old 24.01.2017, 05:49   #3
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1 - ShestakUI version: 6.10
2 - Client WoW version: 7.1.5
3 - Installed/loaded modifications: ShestakUI, ShestakUI Config

There is no Lua error or anything when this happens, just the dialogue box that pops up.

To reproduce:
  • Have the Warrior Order Hall Perk "Val'kyr Call"
  • With the reagent required in your inventory, open the map, select the ability and then select a world quest to use the ability on
  • The animation plays, but the world quest does not actually complete and the ability doesn't go on cooldown. The world quest is gone from the map until you close and reopen it.

If I disable Shestak the ability functions as normal.

Thanks in advance!
Old 24.01.2017, 08:28   #4
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Delete this lines and check again.
Old 25.01.2017, 04:18   #5
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Deleted those lines and the issue still persists.
Old 01.02.2017, 04:27   #6
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After some time of testing, that world map taint fix does indeed introduce that world map taint. It could also be related to the code of the objective tracker quest coloring too. Unsure though as I removed that and all was fine on my end. That world map taint fix is not good and should be looked over and changed if possible.
Old 26.02.2017, 18:00   #7
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Same problem. How can i fix it?
Old 07.04.2017, 08:06   #8
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Check this fix.
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Efzet (14.04.2017)
Old 12.04.2017, 20:32   #9
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This worked! Thank you so much!

order hall, warrior, world quest

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