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Old 18.01.2020, 14:40   #1
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Post ShestakUI 7.3.0 for 8.3.7

ShestakUI 7.3.0

Date: 06.09.2020
UI Version: 7.3.0
WoW Version: 8.3.7
Change Log: link
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Old 18.01.2020, 14:42   #2
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7.2.2 ===> 7.2.3
  • Discord:
  • Added "Focused Azerite Beam [Azerite Essence]".
  • Fixed equip for durability datatext.
  • Tweak candyBarLabel position.
  • Tweak followerReward position.
  • Added search filter for "boe" in bags.
  • Improved faction wrap.
  • Set texture to hide circle.
  • Prepare skin to 8.3.
  • Added WarModeBonusFrame skin.
  • Hide weapon slot texture.
  • Fixed GameMenuFrame title.
  • Added icon for corrupted items.
  • Fixed skins for 8.3.
  • Removed ProductChoice skin.
  • Added "Cleanse Toxins" cd.
  • Hide background for UIWidgetTemplateScenarioHeaderCurrenciesAndBackground.
  • Fixed border color for OrderHallTalentFrame.
  • Some cleanup, changes and fixes.
Old 24.02.2020, 16:27   #3
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7.2.3 ===> 7.2.4
  • Discord:
  • Added "Null Barrier [Azerite trait]" aoe spam.
  • Added "Mallet of Thunderous Skins".
  • Added check when client is nil.
  • Fixed T.CustomFilterBoss error when disabled nameplates.
  • Fixed loot alert border.
  • Fixed width for boss auras.
  • Added skin for new Auction frame.
  • Fixed scale BigWigs skin for nameplates.
  • Adjusted color for AltPowerBar.
  • Added some new aoe spam spells.
  • Fixed QuantityInput.InputBox.
  • Optimize UnitIsPlayer(unit).
  • Added filter for "Stand Your Ground".
  • Added missing skins for Communities.
  • Added new mythic+ debuffs .
  • Some cleanup, changes and fixes.
Old 29.03.2020, 13:12   #4
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7.2.4 ===> 7.2.5
  • Discord:
  • Added "Unstable Temporal Time Shifter" cooldown.
  • Added proc "Ashjra'kamas, Shroud of Resolve".
  • Removed "Heartstopper Venom" debuff.
  • Added skin for BigWigs LFG timer.
  • Fixed Swing position when disabled castbar.
  • Adjusted position for Alt power bar.
  • Added "Blingtron 7000 Gift Package" for OpenItems.
  • Fixed chat filters.
  • Enable by default Boss Banner Loot Frame.
  • Fixed Swing bar when first parry.
  • Fixed Filger position when enabled swing or portrait.
  • Added "Twilight Devastation" aoespam.
  • Added "Necrotic Wound" for Filger.
  • Added "Bag of Anchors" for OpenItems.
  • Added skin for InvitationFrame.
  • High priority for "Severing Axe".
  • Allow click to open Azerite essence frame.
  • Enable ProfessionTabs when loaded "TradeSkillMaster".
  • Added category reset options instead of all reset.
  • Changed count size for ExtraActionButton.
  • Added skin for RaiderIO dropdown.
  • Fixed Details spam merge.
  • Added 8.3 currencies.
  • Added "Gift of the Titans" proc.
  • Fixed AltPowerBar position.
  • Added skin for RaiderIO_ProfileTooltip.
  • Fixed UIWidget tooltip.
  • Fixed charge cooldown.
  • Use gray border for researched talent.
  • Tweak portraits and left bars positions.
  • Added skin for PremadeGroupsFilter.
  • Added new options for chat: "Icons for loot", "Enable custom timestamp coloring".
  • Added "Disrupt" cd.
  • Tweak WowheadLink code.
  • Added new option "Addons icons on mouseover".
  • Added new option "Debuffs size".
  • Removed option "Profession Tokens".
  • Added new options for enemy cooldowns: "Show in party zone for allies" and "Enable classcolor border".
  • Added locked check for AutoOpens to reduce spam.
  • Added new debuffs for Ny'alotha.
  • Updated FogOfWar.
  • Fixed Communities skin.
  • Added new cache to open.
  • Fixed ICD logic.
  • Show search title after OnEditFocusLost.
  • Tweak WeakAuras skin.
  • Added dynamic position depending of icon's size.
  • Added "Glimmer of Light" debuff.
  • Added "Cache of the Aqir Swarm" for open.
  • Prevent rare error when search bag item.
  • Removed Old achievements filter.
  • Updated Chinese and Taiwan locales.
  • Added "Echoes of Ny'alotha".
  • Added some scrollbars skin.
  • Some cleanup, changes and fixes.
Old 19.05.2020, 19:07   #5
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7.2.5 ===> 7.2.6
  • Update French.lua
  • Fixed RaidCD not working cause wrong var name.
  • Added "Cache of the Amathet" for open.
  • Fixed PremadeGroupsFilter skin.
  • Added proper color for CopyChat and fixed last letter in line.
  • Fixed error when disabled icon combat text.
  • Workaround with actionbar taint.
  • Added ItemInteraction skin.
  • Disable BattlefieldMap when run EnhanceBattlefieldMinimap.
  • Fixed error in Rematch skin.
  • Use ShortValue in Battleground tooltip.
  • Added "Steel Strongbox" for open.
  • Sort Death Knight's runes by expiration.
  • Tweak name width for RaidDPS.
  • Fixed TotemBar duration for Shaman.
  • Show item level in inspect frame.
  • Added some PvP debuffs in Raid frames.
  • Added disable color for AddonList checkboxes.
  • Added skin for PvP rewards.
  • Added scale adjust for high resolution.
  • Fixed debuff position for windwalker monk.
  • Removed label for neutral zones.
  • Added support for CorruptionTooltips bag icons.
  • Tweak position for UIWidgetBelowAnchor.
  • Hide ObjectiveTrackerBlocksFrame.UIWidgetsHeader.Background.
  • Better way for quest border color.
  • Added color border for PvP rewards.
  • Don't hide editbox with text.
  • Return check click cast option.
  • Added check Heirloom for AlreadyKnown and fixed for new Auction.
  • Attempt to fix bug when last member in BG not active for clickcast.
  • Added "Phase icon" for unitframes. Enabled by default.
  • Reworked "Auto reposition heal raid frame". Now change points dynamic depends of num member.
  • Cleanup PvP status functions. May be deleted in the future.
  • Deleted "Remove Boss Emote spam during BG" now useless.
  • Removed GuildFinderSort, not worked with new frames.
  • Added button to change raid layout in options.
  • Removed RangeBar, useless now.
  • Added skin for spells in Warboard skin.
  • Added desc for PvP status. Some locale changes.
  • Hide RaidInfoFrame.Header texture.
  • Some cleanup, changes and fixes.
Old 28.07.2020, 07:41   #6
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7.2.7 ===> 7.2.8
  • Updated Chinese and Taiwan locales.
  • Updated skin for Details.
  • Change GUI options: Delete error options, now in General. Create new category "Trade" and move options from Misc. Move options for Blizzard elements from Misc to General. Added new option to change texture in General. All changed options wiil be reset.
  • Stop timer for EnemyCD if icon exist.
  • Use pixel font for oUF MovableFrames header.
  • Added tooltip for right minimap icons.
  • Added new options "Auto confirm resurrection" and "Auto confirm summon".
  • Removed Says thanks option.
  • Allow set action bar to 40 size.
  • Allow move SplitBarLeft and SplitBarRight anchors.
  • Fixed BuffFrame not shows more than 16 buffs. (This mistake has been for years.)
  • Reworked BarStance, allow set horizontal when pet also horizontal.
  • Updated skin for PremadeGroupsFilter.
  • Added new option "Show source of mount" for tooltip.
  • Correct some element's name.
  • Prevent scaling for right panels.
  • Don't overwrite global GameTooltip_UnitColor. Also solve color when using RaiderIO.
  • Move DataText/Battleground.lua => Misc/BattlefieldScore.lua. Merge Blizzard/ShiftMark.lua and Misc/MouseoverMarking.lua => Misc/Marking.lua.
  • Merge Trade/MerchantItemlevel.lua and Trade/Merchant.lua.
  • Added popup with canceling auto summon.
  • Use T.ShortValue for Threat value.
  • Added skin for EquipmentFlyoutFrame.NavigationFrame.
  • Fixed color for CharFlyout.
  • Use yellow cast color for enemy instead of red.
  • Added description for horizontal stance bar.
  • Simplified ItemCount code and changed description.
  • Some cleanup, changes and fixes.
Says Thank:
F5Hellbound (12.08.2020), nefrit (03.08.2020)
Old 17.08.2020, 07:16   #7
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7.2.8 ===> 7.2.9
  • Fixed MountSource cache not load after first login.
  • Don't check yourself or non-players for MountSource.
  • Simplify PvPRating code.
  • Use similar key for moving Loot and Archaeology.
  • Added new options for Filger elements. Small performance improvements in code.
  • Added new option "Show items level and spec when Shift is pushed" enabled by default.
  • Tweak size for AFK panel.
  • Changed description for bag category.
  • Replace "/xct unlock" and "/xct lock" with new command "/xct move".
  • Fixed BigWigs skin when using custom profiles.
  • Move chat bubbles skin to "skins" category.
  • Deleted ArmoryLink.
  • Rename CPoints => ComboPoints.
  • Added base stats for Demon Hunter.
  • Adjusted top panel size when using custom font size.
  • Use proper font flag for pixel font in Details skin.
  • Resort LiteStats code for better reading.
  • Changed "OUTLINEMONOCHROME" => "MONOCHROMEOUTLINE" for better reading.
  • Added LibSharedMedia fonts support.
  • Added new settings for Filger icons space.
  • Force SetCVar("multiBarRightVerticalLayout", 0).
  • Simplify guild rank code.
  • Added puprle color for Explosives.
  • Rotated slider texture for skin.
  • Updated Chinese and Taiwan locales.
  • Don't save variable frames for ClickCast.
  • Added new option "Color for class borders".
  • Some cleanup, changes and fixes.
Old 06.09.2020, 12:30   #8
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7.2.9 ===> 7.3.0
  • Important GUI changes. Added Spell List for Filger, Raid Debuff, announce spell, enemy and raid cd. You can now add your spell in-game.
  • Changed option for "Auto collapse Objective Tracker".
  • Rework AutoButton list for better performance.
  • Added correct frame name for SpellBinder elements and cleanup code.
  • Fixed CancelBadBuffs.
  • Redone option "Auto reposition raid frame", not available 3 variant: dynamic (like now), static (like was early) and none.
  • Slightly increased performance for Reminders.
  • Replace deprecated functions.
  • Fixed Container skin.
  • Replace deprecated functions #2.
  • Updated Chinese and Taiwan locales.
  • Update German.lua
  • Prevent SetAttribute in combat.
  • Prevent error in combat.
  • Use TryDisplayMessage for Error filter.
  • Added skin for AutoActivateSpec3 and AutoActivateSpec4 checkbuttons.
  • Some cleanup, changes and fixes.


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