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Old 27.07.2015, 03:12   #1
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Post ShestakUI 5.2.2 for 6.2.4

ShestakUI 5.2.2

Date: 24.06.2016
UI Version: 5.2.2
WoW Version: 6.2.4
Change Log: link
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Shestak (27.07.2015)
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Old 27.07.2015, 03:13   #2
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* Added Dark Regeneration [warlock]
* Added Tanaan Utility Items
* Added Demonic Servitude Pet Abilities [warlock]
* Added [Patch 6.2] Trinkets
* Added more Potions, Utility Items
* Added Healthstone [warlock]
* Added a few spells, better organizationSpells sorted alphabetically for easier reading
* Added Feign Death (target) [PVP]
* Added Spectral Guise (player) [Priest]
* Added Spirit Mend; Engineering Shields (target) [PVP]

LiteStats update
* Added 5man Mythic tracking
* Added tracking of number of seals for current week

New Currency tab:
* Show Archaeology under currency tab
* Show Coocking under currency tab
* Show Professions under currency tab
* Show Seals under currency tab
* Show PvP under currency tab
* Show Miscellaneous under currency tab, like Oil

Adding extra to tooltip
* Reworked name to only show name without realm name
* Added option to show title with name - Default off
* Added option to show realm name on own line - Default on

Misc changes
* Temp fix for Blizzards bug killing the anoying Blizz error "Interface\FrameXML\RaidFrame.lua:181"
* ObjectiveTracker: Hidden title and collapsed as default
* Skinned missing buttons
* Updated ItemLevel tooltip info
* Fixing combobar show for tallent Combobar should now be shown also in stance "Claws of Shirvallah".
* Skinning complete all buttonFor Master Plan
* Updated language files
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Shestak (26.07.2015)
Old 26.12.2015, 19:25   #3
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Wetxius's Avatar
5.1.0 ===> 5.1.1
  • Added Camouflage (player) [Hunter]
  • Hunter changes. Snares added (player)
  • Added Void Entropy and Stellar Flare
  • Void Entropy fix
  • Camouflage fix [Hunter]
  • Update FogOfWar.lua
  • Changed button text to all
  • Kill EJMicroButtonAlert frame.
  • Talents --> Specialization.
  • Deleted spec line from ItemLevel (duplicate information).
  • Rewrite LiteStats.
  • Skin FriendsFrame and WhoListFrame scrollbars.
  • Delete ObjectiveTracker_Collapse(). Maybe option?
  • Rewrite SkinScrollBar function and cleanup.
  • Update RaidCD.lua
  • Skin some scrollbars.
  • Skin reward icon in HonorFrame.
  • Fixed PVEFrame_ToggleFrame.
  • Rewrite T.SkinNextPrevButton function and cleanup.
  • Fixed currency in LiteStats.
  • currency_archaeology true --> false.
  • Added Malicious Censer Trinket [Agi]; Rogue T18 Bonus
  • Skin FloatingGarrisonFollowerTooltip.CloseButton.
  • Bugfix Nameplate
  • Update Others.lua
  • HelpFrameTicket was removed from game.
  • Added Draenor Factions [SolveArtifact.lua]
  • Added WoD artifacts to list
  • Update Auction.lua
  • Naval "Missions of Interest" Tab skinned
  • Legendary Buffs; Trinkets Update
  • Added Drums of Fury (Leatherworking)
  • Garrison Report "Other Characters" Tab skinned
  • mproved Test UnitFrames command.
  • Changed DCPAnchor => PulseCDAnchor.
  • Renamed Vengeance => Resolve.
  • Added skin for DisplayPanelAJAlerts button.
  • Fixed short commands for frame stack.
  • Renamed Talents => EnemySpec.
  • Added skin for CalendarCreateEventDifficultyOptionDropDown.
  • Updated description for Errors.lua.
  • Added extra check for old spells.
  • Added new option "Short numbers for combat text".
  • Removed duplicates in RaidDebuffs.
  • More checks for old spells.
  • Changed cd for "Will of the Forsaken".
  • Update SlotItemLevel.lua
  • Added new option "Show PvP debuffs on raid frames".
  • Showing correct ilvl for upgraded slot
  • Enabled SkinCheckBox in AddonList.
  • Changed default position for Extra action button.
  • Added new locale L_STATS_SEALS.
  • More spells for CombatText.
  • Fixed error if don't have any spec.
  • Show vehicle button when possess bar is active.
  • Added Mythic Dungeon Heirloom Trinkets by lanseb.
  • Added skin for QuestMapFrame.DetailsFrame.CompleteQuestFrame.
  • Added "Doom Nova" to CombatText.
  • Some tweak for class color nameplates.
  • Change T.SkinCheckBox logic to show Twitter icon.
  • Added Social Browser skin.
  • Updated oGlow. VoidStorage item border now properly update.
  • Added skin for Movie popup.
  • Added extra check to hide only cd (excluding buffs) with 10 second for Death Knight.
  • Updated oUF_Experience. Now show rested xp.
  • Fixed some BigWigs skin error.
  • Fixed logic for combo bar check.
  • Added the old way of sorting bags.
  • Extra Action Bar can be moved through moveui now.
  • Ignore "Leech" and add some Rogue spells to CombatText.
  • Added "Killing Spree" to CombatText.
  • Moved ShestakUI_Filger to ShestakUI\Modules\Misc. Added in-game options. Please, delete ShestakUI_Filger addon.
  • Added new options to show numbers of buffs/debuffs on boss frames.
  • Added new option, that return old view of combo bar on the target instead of player.
  • Added "Ba'ruun's Bountiful Bloom" to drinking announce.
  • Updated locales and globals
  • Some cleanup, changes and fixes.
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Shestak (05.03.2016)
Old 31.12.2015, 08:30   #4
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Wetxius's Avatar
5.1.1 ===> 5.1.2
  • Added option to show Garrison icon on minimap.
  • Improved T.HideSpiral and fixed one error.
  • Increased update frequency for Eclipse bar.
  • Improved Mount macro.
  • Change slightly size and position for extra button.
  • Ignore frost Death Knight debuff.
  • Moved "Doom Nova" for all, not only for Warlock.
  • Returned Sw2rT1 Config.
  • Returned restack option in bags.
  • Fixed cooldown view in Collections skin.
  • Updated descriptions for Mount macro.
  • Updated locales and globals
  • Some cleanup, changes and fixes
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Lanseb (23.03.2016), Shestak (05.03.2016)
Old 08.01.2016, 17:36   #5
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Wetxius's Avatar
5.1.2 ===> 5.1.3
  • Skin for LFGListFrame.SearchPanel.FilterButton.
  • Better way to set size and position for ExtraActionBar.
  • Changed position for LFGListFrame.SearchPanel.FilterButton.
  • Hide background for bonus quest.
  • Added skin for QuestInfoRewardSpell.
  • Fixed apply color for QuestInfoRequiredMoneyText.
  • Slightly change position for GarrisonShipyardFrame.BorderFrame.TitleText.
  • Update AutoAccept database and descriptions.
  • Added more spells for Paladin to Filger.
  • Added skin for QuestInfoSpellObjectiveFrame.
  • Update properly resurrect icon when the unit is successfully resurrected.
  • Added more spells to CombatText.
  • Deleted old items and resort in AutoButton.
  • Resort Cooldowns.
  • Added descriptions for Filger.
  • Deleted unused old code.
  • Updated list of OpenItems.
  • Updated MageNuggets skin.
  • Improved CopyChat, now show more lines and auto scroll down.
  • Slightly change position for top panel.
  • Change size for VehicleAnchor.
  • Test. Set manually scale for high resolution.
  • Updated credits.
  • Fixed quality border for caged pets in bags.
  • Changed view of ReagentBankFrameUnlockInfo.
  • Clamped Reagent frame, not only unlock info.
  • Set our settings for sorting bags and hide checkboxes.
  • Added border color by quality in Reagent.
  • Added new option "Show item level in bags and bank".
  • Fix when GetRuneCooldown returns nil values.
  • Set via "/junk add" non-grey item that should be sold.
  • Skinned "Send Tentative Parties" Button (MP)
  • Added "Darklight Ray" to CombatText.
  • Rework hiding nameplates.
  • Updated locales and globals
  • Some cleanup, changes and fixes
Says Thank:
Lanseb (23.03.2016), Shestak (05.03.2016)
Old 28.01.2016, 17:51   #6
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Wetxius's Avatar
5.1.3 ===> 5.1.4
  • Added more spells to CombatText.
  • Added new poles for announce.
  • Added announce "Devotion Aura".
  • Updated Reminders.
  • Allow set user scale for high resolution.
  • Fixed some of /fstack conflicts.
  • Fixed error when mouseover close button on Archaeology.
  • Improved reward skin in PvE frame. Fixed blank texture for money.
  • Updated PetJournal skin.
  • Restyle level for PetBattle.
  • Change name for Ancient Dalaran portal.
  • Moved spell check in core addons.
  • Improved TotemBar for other classes. Now show only active spells.
  • Rework AutoRelease to support Ashran.
  • Added new option to hide Player and Target lines.
  • Restyle slider for options scroll. Change the size to avoid confusion with the checkboxes.
  • Added support "Prismatic Crystal" and "Mirror Image" for Filger.
  • Added "Summon Gargoyle" to Filger.
  • Added support toy for AlreadyKnown .
  • Added WorldStateScoreFrameQueueButton skin.
  • Added DBM_GUI_OptionsFrameWebsiteButton skin.
  • Added RaidFinderQueueFrameScrollFrameScrollBar skin.
  • Added "Netherwinds" in Filger.
  • Added force warning for Ashran invite.
  • Updated Auctionator skin.
  • Archaeology bar now can be enabled n combat.
  • Rework test ui to avoid errors in combat after hide.
  • Limit height for castbar text to avoid a two-line text.
  • Improved coordinates for LiteStats.
  • Don't show cooldown timer for spells that has active charge.
  • Decrease UIErrorsFrame strata.
  • Raise frame level for alert frames.
  • Added Recruiter frame skin.
  • Added DraenorZoneAbilityFrame skin.
  • Updated FogOfWar.
  • Fixed cooldown size for item in ObjectiveTracker.
  • Raise priority for CC in ArenaControl.
  • Resort PvP debuffs for Filger.
  • Resort Damage Reduction spells in Filger.
  • Some cleanup, changes and fixes
Says Thank:
Lanseb (23.03.2016), Shestak (05.03.2016)
Old 02.03.2016, 11:13   #7
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Wetxius's Avatar
5.1.4 ===> 5.1.5
  • Auto disenchant only draenor items.
  • Removed GemCounter, didn't work.
  • Decrease strata for bank frame.
  • Changed position for Map.
  • Fixed SetRole spam.
  • Improved StoryHeader skin.
  • Raise StoryTooltip level.
  • Fixed /framestack conflicts.
  • Hide blob ring on minimap.
  • Added skin for QuestInfoItemHighlight.
  • Better skin for MapQuestInfoRewardsFrame.RewardButtons.
  • Tweak check druid form for combo.
  • Fixed some prev button texture.
  • Added skin for InProgress and Available tabs.
  • Added skin for Atr_FullScanResults.
  • Skin GarrisonLandingPageShipFollowerListListScrollFrameScrollBar
  • Some fixes for MasterPlan.
  • Addeв Skin bonus objective progress bar.
  • Added skin for CopyScrollScrollBar. Always use our skin for copy chat.
  • Added new debug command /framelist.
  • Fixed whisper and invite guild member from another realm.
  • Fixed size of castbar icon.
  • Added "Spectral Guise' to Filger.
  • Added "Fel Burn" aoe spam.
  • Added skin for Recruiter select frame.
  • Fixed TradeSkillSkillIcon when pushed.
  • Added HighlightTexture skin in ProfessionButton.
  • Changed font for aura duration in Pet Battle.
  • Fixed SolveArtifact when receive fragment without active artifact.
  • Kill ScenarioObjectiveTracker_AnimateReward.
  • Added Ctrl + Right click to reset position for AltPowerBar, Loot and Archaeology.
  • Added auto reposition heal raid frame when changed C.raidframe.raid_groups.
  • Fixed double icon for Berserk.
  • Rework WoW token skin.
  • Added support class color for ExtraActionBar.
  • Fixed SkinSlider for vertical frames.
  • Added skin for EncounterJournalTooltip.
  • Auto hide scroll frame when it disable.
  • Better way to detect toy for AlreadyKnown.
  • Fixed cutting quest objectives.
  • Added count skin for DraenorZoneAbilityFrame.
  • Added dynamic level calculation for BoA.
  • Added new option "Show item level for weapons and armor in merchant".
  • Fixed Safari Hat announce.
  • Now you can move Filger by using /moveui.
  • Added options to change icon size of Filger.
  • Updated Garrison skin.
  • Fixed quest color by difficulty.
  • Rewrite nameplates, increase fps.
  • Some cleanup, changes and fixes
Says Thank:
Lanseb (23.03.2016), Shestak (05.03.2016)
Old 02.03.2016, 11:14   #8
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Wetxius's Avatar
5.1.5 ===> 5.1.6
  • Updated Disable.
  • Moved some elements in AlertFrames skin.
  • Rework item border for Guild bank. Now faster.
  • Skin guild bank scrolls.
  • Check disenchant by item level.
  • Added some spells for death knight.
  • Added some spells for warrior.
  • Added some spells for druid and rogue.
  • Added some spells for monk.
  • Added some spells for shaman and warlock.
  • Merge all damage from guardian unit.
  • Fixed compatibility with other nameplate addons.
  • Removed TradeSkillClearButton.
  • Better way to hide combat tab.
  • Auto open copy chat after /fl.
  • Added untested detect arena healers.
  • Reanchored and skin GarrisonShipMissionAlertFrame and GarrisonShipFollowerAlertFrame.
  • Revert changes in talent skin that cause taint.
  • Always put Hearthstone at first, except of trash.
  • Added "Seraphim" cd.
  • Added some spells.
  • Rework overlay color to prevent bright color.
  • Fixed cooldown for profession.
  • Hide everything of blizzard nameplate.
  • Fixed AutoGreed exclude disenchanting.
  • Some cleanup, changes and fixes
Says Thank:
Lanseb (23.03.2016), Shestak (05.03.2016)
Old 23.03.2016, 13:32   #9
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Wetxius's Avatar
5.1.6 ===> 5.1.7
  • Added some check to sort only bank or only reagent bank when it opens.
  • Don't allow reagent bank to be above lite stats.
  • Fixed skin for LootFrameUpButton.
  • Correct first position for AlertFrame.
  • Kill reward animation for bonus objectives.
  • Rework sorting bags.
  • Added "Unstable Magic" aoe spam.
  • Safest way to hide non-active scrollbars.
  • Fixed double button for OneClickEnchantScroll and cleanup.
  • Changed appearance of Anticipation bar.
  • Added "Touch of Karma" when it on you.
  • Updated Diminishing.
  • Removed monk mana, when show energy.
  • Added RaidInfoScrollFrameScrollBar skin.
  • Fixed horizontal pet bar when right bar disabled.
  • Update WowheadLink.
  • Fixed locale for release spirit.
  • Added new options "Mouseover for quest minimize button" and "Auto collapse ObjectiveTrackerFrame after reload".
  • Sort in-game config by variable name.
  • Added skin for dungeon complete reward.
  • Change skin for StaticPopup to prevent overlap.
  • Fixed NavBar home button gap.
  • Resort Filger spells.
  • Reset raid cd after win/wipe. Reset after leave group. Hide when alone.
  • Don't skin some elements when blizzard skin if off.
  • Fixed Friend skin and some funtions for 6.2.4 patch.
  • Some cleanup, changes and fixes
Says Thank:
Lanseb (23.03.2016), Shestak (25.03.2016)
Old 31.03.2016, 08:13   #10
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Wetxius's Avatar
5.1.7 ===> 5.1.8
  • Added skin for ItemTextScrollFrameScrollBar.
  • Added skin for load addon button.
  • Added error print when Encounter Journal is unavailable.
  • Removed unneeded code.
  • Added skin for some Interface elements.
  • Renamed some options.
  • Fixed color for achievement.
  • Use Blizzard's range icon for quest item.
  • Added "Combo Breaker: Chi Explosion".
  • Updated some descriptions.
  • Some cleanup, changes and fixes

shestakui 5.1.0

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