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5.1.9 ===> 5.2.0
  • Merge spam from Torment.
  • Hide cooldown spiral when summon pet after login.
  • Ignore rogue's Marked for Death.
  • Updated ColorPicker.
  • Added more frames in MoveBlizzFrames.
  • Added another "Penance" merge spell.
  • Added absorb bar for unitframes.
  • Added garrison in RealLinks.
  • Hide PetActionBarAnchor when it needed.
  • Fixed RealLinks.
  • Hide all buttons when moving bags to reduce cpu usage.
  • Added extra tip for close bags button.
  • Better way to fix blank tooltip.
  • Decrease nameplate frame level.
  • Fixed WeakAuras skin.
  • Fixed PvE reward wrong positions.
  • Added dynamic tooltip positions for bonus reward frame.
  • Some cleanup, changes and fixes
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