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5.1.6 ===> 5.1.7
  • Added some check to sort only bank or only reagent bank when it opens.
  • Don't allow reagent bank to be above lite stats.
  • Fixed skin for LootFrameUpButton.
  • Correct first position for AlertFrame.
  • Kill reward animation for bonus objectives.
  • Rework sorting bags.
  • Added "Unstable Magic" aoe spam.
  • Safest way to hide non-active scrollbars.
  • Fixed double button for OneClickEnchantScroll and cleanup.
  • Changed appearance of Anticipation bar.
  • Added "Touch of Karma" when it on you.
  • Updated Diminishing.
  • Removed monk mana, when show energy.
  • Added RaidInfoScrollFrameScrollBar skin.
  • Fixed horizontal pet bar when right bar disabled.
  • Update WowheadLink.
  • Fixed locale for release spirit.
  • Added new options "Mouseover for quest minimize button" and "Auto collapse ObjectiveTrackerFrame after reload".
  • Sort in-game config by variable name.
  • Added skin for dungeon complete reward.
  • Change skin for StaticPopup to prevent overlap.
  • Fixed NavBar home button gap.
  • Resort Filger spells.
  • Reset raid cd after win/wipe. Reset after leave group. Hide when alone.
  • Don't skin some elements when blizzard skin if off.
  • Fixed Friend skin and some funtions for 6.2.4 patch.
  • Some cleanup, changes and fixes
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