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5.1.4 ===> 5.1.5
  • Auto disenchant only draenor items.
  • Removed GemCounter, didn't work.
  • Decrease strata for bank frame.
  • Changed position for Map.
  • Fixed SetRole spam.
  • Improved StoryHeader skin.
  • Raise StoryTooltip level.
  • Fixed /framestack conflicts.
  • Hide blob ring on minimap.
  • Added skin for QuestInfoItemHighlight.
  • Better skin for MapQuestInfoRewardsFrame.RewardButtons.
  • Tweak check druid form for combo.
  • Fixed some prev button texture.
  • Added skin for InProgress and Available tabs.
  • Added skin for Atr_FullScanResults.
  • Skin GarrisonLandingPageShipFollowerListListScrollFrameScrollBar
  • Some fixes for MasterPlan.
  • Addeв Skin bonus objective progress bar.
  • Added skin for CopyScrollScrollBar. Always use our skin for copy chat.
  • Added new debug command /framelist.
  • Fixed whisper and invite guild member from another realm.
  • Fixed size of castbar icon.
  • Added "Spectral Guise' to Filger.
  • Added "Fel Burn" aoe spam.
  • Added skin for Recruiter select frame.
  • Fixed TradeSkillSkillIcon when pushed.
  • Added HighlightTexture skin in ProfessionButton.
  • Changed font for aura duration in Pet Battle.
  • Fixed SolveArtifact when receive fragment without active artifact.
  • Kill ScenarioObjectiveTracker_AnimateReward.
  • Added Ctrl + Right click to reset position for AltPowerBar, Loot and Archaeology.
  • Added auto reposition heal raid frame when changed C.raidframe.raid_groups.
  • Fixed double icon for Berserk.
  • Rework WoW token skin.
  • Added support class color for ExtraActionBar.
  • Fixed SkinSlider for vertical frames.
  • Added skin for EncounterJournalTooltip.
  • Auto hide scroll frame when it disable.
  • Better way to detect toy for AlreadyKnown.
  • Fixed cutting quest objectives.
  • Added count skin for DraenorZoneAbilityFrame.
  • Added dynamic level calculation for BoA.
  • Added new option "Show item level for weapons and armor in merchant".
  • Fixed Safari Hat announce.
  • Now you can move Filger by using /moveui.
  • Added options to change icon size of Filger.
  • Updated Garrison skin.
  • Fixed quest color by difficulty.
  • Rewrite nameplates, increase fps.
  • Some cleanup, changes and fixes
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