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5.1.2 ===> 5.1.3
  • Skin for LFGListFrame.SearchPanel.FilterButton.
  • Better way to set size and position for ExtraActionBar.
  • Changed position for LFGListFrame.SearchPanel.FilterButton.
  • Hide background for bonus quest.
  • Added skin for QuestInfoRewardSpell.
  • Fixed apply color for QuestInfoRequiredMoneyText.
  • Slightly change position for GarrisonShipyardFrame.BorderFrame.TitleText.
  • Update AutoAccept database and descriptions.
  • Added more spells for Paladin to Filger.
  • Added skin for QuestInfoSpellObjectiveFrame.
  • Update properly resurrect icon when the unit is successfully resurrected.
  • Added more spells to CombatText.
  • Deleted old items and resort in AutoButton.
  • Resort Cooldowns.
  • Added descriptions for Filger.
  • Deleted unused old code.
  • Updated list of OpenItems.
  • Updated MageNuggets skin.
  • Improved CopyChat, now show more lines and auto scroll down.
  • Slightly change position for top panel.
  • Change size for VehicleAnchor.
  • Test. Set manually scale for high resolution.
  • Updated credits.
  • Fixed quality border for caged pets in bags.
  • Changed view of ReagentBankFrameUnlockInfo.
  • Clamped Reagent frame, not only unlock info.
  • Set our settings for sorting bags and hide checkboxes.
  • Added border color by quality in Reagent.
  • Added new option "Show item level in bags and bank".
  • Fix when GetRuneCooldown returns nil values.
  • Set via "/junk add" non-grey item that should be sold.
  • Skinned "Send Tentative Parties" Button (MP)
  • Added "Darklight Ray" to CombatText.
  • Rework hiding nameplates.
  • Updated locales and globals
  • Some cleanup, changes and fixes
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