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6.0.3 ===> 6.0.4
  • Added skin for new ignore button.
  • Fixed blizzard border texture for bags, and added color.
  • Updated Mage slows/roots
  • Fixed QuestChoice skin.
  • Fixed size of WorldMapTooltip.
  • Added FrostMage Proc "Chain Reaction".
  • Fixed item level for draenor heirlooms.
  • Updated TalkingHead skin.
  • Replace new font
  • Remove Floors scroll, cause taint in combat.
  • Added check for split bars in ExtraActionBar.
  • Added skin for Adventure Map.
  • Enabled skin for TradeSkillFrame.DetailsFrame.ScrollBar.
  • Hide world map icon for OrderHallCommandBar and added class color for title.
  • Fixed ilvl detection.
  • Hide new error for Demon Hunter.
  • Improved T.SkinScrollBar.
  • Added skin for Flight Map.
  • Added new Dalaran portal.
  • Updated quest reward skin.
  • Change font for WorldMapFrame.UIElementsFrame.BountyBoard.BountyName.
  • Set limit of text for MagePortals.
  • Updated spells for Priest.
  • Added "Curse of the Dreadblades".
  • Added mana percent and warning for shadow priest and damage shaman.
  • Attempt to fix scale for important mob nameplate.
  • Update ItemIcons.lua
  • Update OpenItems.lua
  • Added new trinkets.
  • Updated RuneBar.
  • Huge update oUF core. Need testing.
  • Fixed previous version of HealPrediction.
  • Don't color nameplate name by threat.
  • Updated spellID for Bone Shield.
  • Update CombatText.lua
  • Update AutoButton.lua
  • Fixed Collections skin.
  • Updated spellid for Flame Shock and Frost Shock.
  • Added hacks for world map taints.
  • Removed old potions.
  • Added some Legion raid debuffs.
  • Removed old code for raid buffs.
  • Hide border for items in Inspect skin.
  • Fixed color for achievement alert frames.
  • Some cleanup, changes and fixes