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4.2.5 ===> 4.2.6
  • Added more spells.
  • Added Profiles to Filger by m2jest1c.
  • Added OpenMailFrame support for AlreadyKnown.
  • Added TransmogrifyConfirmationPopup skin.
  • Updated locales.
  • Fixed PlayerTalentFrameTalentsClearInfoFrameCount font and position.
  • Fixed DestroyTotem function.
  • Fixed oUF_Friendship.
  • Fixed channel check.
  • Fixed (raid icons/color/debuffs/castbar) in nameplates.
  • Fixed nameplate color.
  • Fixed ExtraBarButton skin from ShestakUI_Extra.
  • Fixed config error.
  • Fixed LFGDungeonReadyStatusCloseButton skin.
  • Fixed CompactRaidFrameManagerDisplayFrameLeaderOptionsRaidWorldMarkerButton skin if RaidTools is disabled.
  • Fixed PetBattle skin.
  • Fixed PetJournal skin.
  • Fixed mana warning for dead monk.
  • Fixed CombatText error.
  • Deleted displayWorldPVPObjectives CVar.
  • Deleted unused texture.
  • Deleted PreformAVEnabler skin.
  • Changed WorldMapFrameAreaPetLevels font.
  • Renamed channel name and changed command.
  • Another way to change chat bubble font.
  • Improved hover binding. Extra bar now visible in hover bind mode.
  • Slightly changed CastbarSafeZone color.
  • LFG queue timer moved to a separate file and added DBM check.
  • Some cleanup, changes and fixes.