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Adding buttons to bags

This might not be a wanted change, if so just revert it.

But for me, the right click menu on close button is a bit pesky to use, also i wanted more options.

Added 3 buttons to bags.

* One for deposit Reagents
* One for sorting bags, Left click uses Stuffing default and right click uses Blizzards built into sort.
* One button for using any Artifact item in bag. Right click the icon.

Todo: Add translate option for tooltip, also make better script for using Artifact item.

I find it real annoying trying to spot artifact items in bag so i added one button that lets me use any artifact item in bags. Since i didn't want to use any secure function to block bag opening during battle, i have used "PreClick", that is a bit unknown for me. So this should be written better, but it works fine as is.

Let me know what you think
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