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Originally Posted by Wetxius View Post
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It does matter but I couldn't find anywhere allows me to upload screenshots ..
I uploaded 2 screenshots:

1., under 2880 x 1800
2., under 1440 x 900

Sorry for the Chinese chars in them.

This afternoon I figured out how to use 1440 x 900 with max window mode so this is no longer a blocking issue for me (it was indeed because I love ShestakUI never wanted to change to others). But still it would be perfect to get it fixed

Again, thanks for your support!

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Originally Posted by Wetxius View Post
You should change this line, example:
lua Code [Select]:
["pixel_font"] = [[Interface\AddOns\ShestakUI\Media\Fonts\Normal.ttf]],   -- Pixel font
    ["pixel_font_style"] = "",                    -- Pixel font style("OUTLINEMONOCHROME" or "OUTLINE")
    ["pixel_font_size"] = 10,                                          -- Pixel font size for those places where it is not specified
And fully restart the game.
It doesn't make any difference either.. do I have to restart the game client or just /rl would reloads the changes of lua?

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sorry, missed your last line, fully restarting game client..

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no luck... with fully restarting the game, it's still tiny font.

here is how I modified the lua: