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7.1.8 ===> 7.1.9
  • Discord:
  • A detailed list of changes see here.
  • Fixed model skin.
  • Fixed UnDress button work
  • Removed NeedItems.
  • Fixed LFGInvitePopupRoleButton skin.
  • Fixed Merchant skin.
  • Added Trailing Embers for mage AOE spam filter
  • Fixed Filger icon when duration is 0.
  • Fixed Flyout buttons when open it from SpellBook.
  • Adjusted UIWidget position.
  • Adjusted name's width in RaidHeal.
  • Added AlliedRaces skin.
  • Fixed QuestModelScene skin.
  • Fixed suggestion.icon in EncounterJournal skin.
  • Adjusted StageBlock.backdrop.
  • Stop mail correctly.
  • Added skin for new tip mechanic.
  • Allow set more accurate manual scale.
  • Added our icon for castbar if it return nil.
  • Fixed SideDressUpFrame skin.
  • Fixed SolveArtifact.
  • Try to fix spec datatext position at high resolution.
  • Try another way to stop buff alpha.
  • Skin AddonList checkbutton. It work now.
  • Show only player debuffs on boss frames.
  • Some cleanup, changes and fixes.