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7.1.5 ===> 7.1.6
  • Discord:
  • A detailed list of changes see here.
  • Added skin for ScenarioStageBlock.
  • Fixed title for spell reward quest.
  • Added skin for Timer bar.
  • Updated OneClickDisenchanting to fix prospecting and milling.
  • Added check for frame.RewardFrames to prevent error.
  • Updated tab skin for Garrison.
  • Added skin for currency icons in BonusRoll.
  • Added skin for groupFinderButton in ObjectiveTracker.
  • Added skin for follower portrait.
  • Tweak MountJournal.BottomLeftInset.SlotButton.
  • Don't show white border for tooltip reward.
  • Updated BlackMarket skin.
  • Fixed RolePollPopup skin.
  • SetWordWrap for Follower.Name.
  • Updated Archaeology to show new races.
  • Changed moveui logic to avoid SetAllPoints error.
  • Don't change text color for solve button.
  • Hide SafariHat after battle ending.
  • Some cleanup, changes and fixes.