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Bug The errors at Dungeon or Raid modes

ShestakUI version:

WoW version:

Installed and running addons:

Lua error code(if that matters for error):
Code [Select]:
The code of the lua error (if it's important for the error)
42x ...erface\ShestakUI\Libs\LiteStats\LiteStats.lua:109: attempt to perform arithmetic on upvalue 'coordX' (a nil value)
...erface\ShestakUI\Libs\LiteStats\LiteStats.lua:109: in function <...erface\ShestakUI\Libs\LiteStats\LiteStats.lua:109>
...face\ShestakUI\Libs\LitePanels\LitePanels.lua:217: in function <...face\ShestakUI\Libs\LitePanels\LitePanels.lua:215>
How to reproduce error:
In Dungeon or Raid Mods
Says Thank:
Shestak (08.07.2019), Wetxius (08.07.2019)