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3.1.3 ===> 3.1.4
  • Added outgoing overhealing for non-merged healing spells in xCT.
  • Increase width of the outgoing heal/damage frame and slightly changed the anchor.
  • ValueIconMergeCount ==> ValueMergeCountIcon.
  • Added some spells in xCT merge list.
  • Skin WorldMapCompareTooltip.
  • Fix BattlefieldMinimap not displaying any information on initial show.
  • Skin GeneralDockManagerOverflow and fix his strata.
  • Modified movement function and cleanup.
  • Updated oUF.
  • Added PetActionBarAnchor to movement function.
  • Added ChatBar to movement function
  • Some changes in Profiles.lua
  • Added DXE\KLE skin.
  • Added Recount skin.
  • Added ItemCount in tooltip.
  • AddDoubleLine ==> AddLine in item/spell id.
  • Skins options is disabled by default.
  • zhTW/zhCN Font replace from Profiles.lua to Fonts.lua
  • Added boss buffs option in config.
  • Updated oUF_MovableFrames and fixed backdrop positions(+4px).
  • Pixel perfect item glow.
  • Added bags/bank item glow if C.bag.enable == false.
  • Added GuildTab to FriendsFrame.
  • Fixed GlyphUI taint.
  • Updated Monomyth.
  • Fixed incoming heal bar width for some UF.
  • Fixed RaidCD FrameStrata for new mover.
  • Changed id for Hungering Cold.
  • Added warning to chat about is not the correct spell id number for Filger.
  • Added some spells in Filger.
  • Added some words in spam filter.
  • Decrease row height for Recount skin.
  • Locales cleanup.
  • Some cleanup, changes and fixes.
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