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* Added Dark Regeneration [warlock]
* Added Tanaan Utility Items
* Added Demonic Servitude Pet Abilities [warlock]
* Added [Patch 6.2] Trinkets
* Added more Potions, Utility Items
* Added Healthstone [warlock]
* Added a few spells, better organizationSpells sorted alphabetically for easier reading
* Added Feign Death (target) [PVP]
* Added Spectral Guise (player) [Priest]
* Added Spirit Mend; Engineering Shields (target) [PVP]

LiteStats update
* Added 5man Mythic tracking
* Added tracking of number of seals for current week

New Currency tab:
* Show Archaeology under currency tab
* Show Coocking under currency tab
* Show Professions under currency tab
* Show Seals under currency tab
* Show PvP under currency tab
* Show Miscellaneous under currency tab, like Oil

Adding extra to tooltip
* Reworked name to only show name without realm name
* Added option to show title with name - Default off
* Added option to show realm name on own line - Default on

Misc changes
* Temp fix for Blizzards bug killing the anoying Blizz error "Interface\FrameXML\RaidFrame.lua:181"
* ObjectiveTracker: Hidden title and collapsed as default
* Skinned missing buttons
* Updated ItemLevel tooltip info
* Fixing combobar show for tallent Combobar should now be shown also in stance "Claws of Shirvallah".
* Skinning complete all buttonFor Master Plan
* Updated language files
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