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Originally Posted by Zazel View Post
the true does make the icon red i guess, dunno if that is needed as its a buff and no debuff.
true is it means that we are looking for the same effect from the other players not only me.
Originally Posted by Zazel View Post
Also fixed and added some new buffs, debuffs, spells and so on into the Filger Spells.lua

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Originally Posted by Nera View Post
buff for legendary swords:
Added. I add trinkets later, should review for all classes, but it will be not soon.

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Originally Posted by Zazel View Post
It would be cool to have the insanity bar above the hp bar like warlocks soulshards, and show the mana bar again, as we are using it for healing despelling and so on and this mana isn't much so an overview would be really nice.
I added mana percent and warning like it was for druid.
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