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When I play in subtlety (rogue), sometimes, the buff hemorrhage and rupture
dont appear to the right of the character.

A screen is better than words :

Thanks for your feedback
Sorry for my english
had this problem over 2 years, couldnt find any proper fix, this happens almost 100% when shadow reflection casts rupture, probably 2 ruptures with same id breaks filger.

Also, in latest version of shestak ui, somebody removed buffs from stat potions (i.e. draenic agility potion), how i can add them back to filger?
I did not remove potions. The auras work fine on my client, and just to give you the benefit of the doubt I am taking a look at the file right now.

Edit - Tested on my rogue to triple-check: most definitely an issue on your end. The latest version on Github is here.

As for your Rupture issue, without looking at it I'd say I'm pretty sure you've pin-pointed the problem. There might be something I can do, I'll keep you updated!