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3.3.8 ===> 3.3.9
  • Improved ArmoryLink: added zhTW and koKR armory web site, added "armory link" in more dropdownmenu.
  • Some changes in Auctionator skin.
  • Some changes in Profiles.lua
  • Updated zhTW locale in LootRoll.
  • Fixed "tuda-syuda" QuestCompleted items in bags.
  • Added BG button in ChatBars and some changes.
  • Added Tol Barad zone in Auto resurection script.
  • Updated oUF.
  • Added "Healer" role in CheckRole function.
  • Fixed pet cd error in PulseCD.
  • Added some spells for aoespam merge in xCT.
  • Added currency in HyperLink.
  • Added new option - nameplate debuffs size.
  • Updated zhTW/zhCN locales.
  • Fixed FrameStrata for Raid debuffs.
  • Added VoidStorage to oGlow.
  • Fixed guild bank search overlay.
  • Fixed bank/bags/guildbank search box select text.
  • Fixed party taint in combat.
  • Fixed some Blizzard skins.
  • Fixed "fig_ego_znaet_chto_za_tekstura" in CharacterFrame.
  • Fixed scroll level in OptionsFrame.
  • Some cleanup, changes and fixes.