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7.1.9 ===> 7.2.0
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  • A detailed list of changes see here.
  • Adjusted AlertFrames borders.
  • Added test command for BonusRollFrame.
  • Don't color vehicle unit and change health output.
  • Hide HolyPower in vehicle.
  • Updated CastBar.
  • Fixed highlight texture for azerite neck.
  • Some improvements in Garrison skin.
  • Changed way how spec text anchoring to resolve scale problem.
  • Fixed "Pawn" icon for quest items.
  • Added quality color for quest items. Some adjustments for skins.
  • Fixed ArtifactFrame skin.
  • Better way to hide CloseButton.Border.
  • Added "Retribution Aura" to aoe spam.
  • Hide ArtworkBorderDisabled.
  • Make visible item.HotKey like it did by Blizzard.
  • Hide HolyPower when entering world in vehicle.
  • Change item.HotKey for WORLD_QUEST_TRACKER_MODULE also.
  • Fixed AzeriteRespec skin.
  • Added skin for LFGDungeonReadyDialogRewardsFrameReward.
  • Changed Game12Font.
  • Fixed Battleground datatext.
  • Added "Empyrean Power (Azerite Traits)".
  • Change color for widgetFrame.Spell.Text.
  • Color white item with our border color.
  • Added gradient color for AltPowerBar.
  • Fixed Mounts macro for Vashj'ir.
  • Added grey backdrop for tooltip bar.
  • Optimized tooltip compare position function.
  • Hide StanceBarFrame when disable our stance bar.
  • Fixed overlay for disabled button.
  • Hide QuestScrollFrame.DetailFrame.BottomDetail.
  • Fixed CloseButton position for Warboard.
  • Returned back color for ItemSocketing.
  • Adjustment for AzeriteEssence.
  • Some tweak for Collections skin.
  • Better way to fix GameTooltipMoneyFrame font size.
  • Added styles for some new fonts and removed duplicate GameTooltipTextSmall.
  • Added SetCVar("nameplateLargeTopInset").
  • Prevent error when undress mount.
  • Removed CaptureBar. Move UIWidget skin in position file. Some changes for UIWidget skin.
  • Don't sell grey item without price.
  • Added skin for Blizzard_WarfrontsPartyPoseUI and finished Blizzard_IslandsPartyPoseUI.
  • GameTooltip_OnTooltipAddMoney => SetTooltipMoney.
  • Dynamic change overlay for QuestModel.
  • Added tooltip for TrainAll button.
  • Added RecruitAFriendFrame skin.
  • Fixed invite for player.
  • Added count of quests for WorldMap.
  • Hide textures for ItemUpgradeFrame.TextFrame.
  • Added skin for invite and decline buttons in LFGListFrame.ApplicationViewer.
  • Tweak Taxi skin.
  • Replace SendWho => C_FriendList.SendWho.
  • Prevent error for PlayerTalentFrame_UpdateSpecFrame.
  • Some cleanup, changes and fixes.
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