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7.1.2 ===> 7.1.3
  • A detailed list of changes see here.
  • Add Prismatic Manapearl to currencies
  • Add BG and border into StripTextures
  • Updated FrameStackGlobalizer
  • Added skin for PVPMatchResults.buttonContainer.requeueButton.
  • Fixed fps drop cause by ClickCast.
  • Fixed Rematch skin.
  • Added new flasks.
  • Fixed resurrection sound.
  • Fixed action bar taint.
  • Updated Diminishing.
  • Updated FogOfWar.
  • Remove all auto collectgarbage(). Calling this function just cause freeze, memory free not increase performance.
  • Updated Battleground datatext for new API.
  • Updated guild functions to new API.
  • Some cleanup, changes and fixes.
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